May 26, 2019

Did You Know A Public Data Breach Will Cost Your Company Up To A Third Of Your Clients And Customers?

A public data breach can really hurt your company in both the short-term and the long-term. As a respected provider of network security options in Orange County with private cloud capabilities, Zephyr Networks knows that retailers, service-oriented business owners and healthcare providers need to be put on notice right away. If your company suffers a public data breach, you should expect to lose up to a third of your clients and customers. Such frightening findings have been revealed in a new study entitled “Avoidable Collateral Damage from Corporate Data Breaches,” conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research and sponsored by Identify Finder.

Reported on in an article on e-Security Planet, Javelin surveyed 5,634 U.S. adults on their views around data security and privacy. Three points in particular stood out as being downright unnerving for a business owner facing a potential public data breach.

Public Data Breach Downside

  1. 33 percent of consumers said they will shop elsewhere if their retailer of choice suffers a data breach.
  2. 30 percent of patients said they will find a new healthcare care provider if their hospital or doctor’s office is breached and their data is placed in a position of jeopardy.
  3. 24 percent of consumers said they will change banks or credit card providers if their financial institution suffers a data breach.

As Marc Winger of Zephyr Networks explained, “It is scary for a business owner to see how many affected clients and customers will vanish post-breach. In past experiences, we have seen that such a drop-off can be anywhere from a 20% to even a 50% loss once the news gets out. That’s a big loss in terms of reduced sales and shows exactly how a data breach hits the bottom line of a business incredibly hard. Given the lack of skilled IT security professionals capable of dealing with such data breaches and the scope of work required to identify the vulnerabilities, it really makes sense for business owners to safeguard their futures by having a ready-made solution in place.”

Public Data Breach Challenges

public data breach

Public Data Breach Dangers

A further problem is too many companies have imprecise data breach detection systems and second-rate cyber security that casts too big of a net. Neiman Marcus experienced 30,000 security alerts during the period of its three-month public data breach in 2013. Such a bombardment of security alerts aids cyber-criminals in masking their attacks. By having imprecise network security systems and protocol and failing to move to the safety of the private cloud, small to mid-sized business owners are placing their future in jeopardy.

Zephyr Networks can address such problems and truly help safeguard the future of your business and protect you from the dangers of a public data breach. To learn more about how Zephyr Networks can help you with a tailored package of network security, data breach protection and private cloud IT options, please call 800.884.7559 for a free consultation.

Zephyr Networks Highlights The Benefits of Virtualization for Small Business Owners

Can a small business benefit from virtualization? Having started as a small business, Zephyr Networks has a unique understanding of what small-business owners need to run their businesses efficiently. Virtualization is a virtual – as opposed to actual – version of a technology like hardware, software, an operating system or even a network. With virtualization, special software is used to allow a server, for example, to run several operating systems simultaneously. Without a doubt, virtualization is the wave of the future.

Virtualization – The Wave Of The Future

Server virtualization provides a small business with far more versatility than traditional direct on hardware solutions. At the same time, if its implemented right, your precious company data is protected. One server can be “divided” to accommodate multiple tenants each in it’s own virtual compartment. Virtualization maximizes server capacity, reducing the number of servers needed.

virtualization, zephyr networks

Virtualization Helps

In-house virtualization, however, does not free a company from the typical administrative overheads required for managing physical servers. By working with the virtualization experts at Zephyr Networks, however, such freedom is attained. As a managed IT services provider, Zephyr Networks takes on the responsibility of monitoring and managing the virtual servers of our clients by placing the responsibility on the shoulders of well trained IT professionals.

Virtualization also will cut down on your energy consumption, lowering a company’s monthly electricity bill and promoting a green-oriented approach. For a small-business owner, such minor savings can mean a lot in the long run, especially if the business is located in an area with high energy costs. In addition, the green approach reflects positively on a company’s public image.

A Key Benefit of Virtualization

A key benefit of virtualization is reliable business continuity and disaster recovery. Business continuity is about quickly recovering from things like power outages and server crashes. Even more extreme, fires, theft and natural disasters like earthquakes and floods often happen without warning.

What would happen if the important files of your business were stored on in-house servers that got destroyed in an earthquake or a fire? With virtualization, that becomes less of a worry, especially if you conduct regular checks to ensure that your data is being properly backed up. Data recovery strategies is a specialty of Zephyr Networks. If disaster strikes, a company is less likely to lose essential information and services, thus minimizing any subsequent downtime.

A useful feature of server virtualization is something called live migration, which reduces downtime. The beauty of live migration is that, in the event of a power outage or server failure, the virtual machine continues running while it is moved from one physical location to another, allowing you and your employees to remain productive and go about your usual business.

The Virtual Desktop A Growing Trend

The virtual desktop also is a growing trend in the business world. Known as client virtualization, desktop virtualization separates the desktop environment from the physical machine with the help of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Here again, this is where a managed IT services provider like Zephyr Networks can be a big help. We offer a variety of virtualization solutions such as VDIs, and we are skilled at implementing and managing these solutions for your business.

With virtual desktop infrastructure, employees can access the company network from their laptops, tablets or smart devices. If you know other small-business owners who are already using virtualization in their companies, talk to them about the pluses and minuses. You will be surprised at how the benefits of virtualization greatly outweigh your fear of trying something new

Zephyr Networks & Virtualization

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce costs and your carbon footprint while increasing efficiency in one fell swoop?  Yes, implementing virtualization is a process, and introducing a virtual server solution into your small business will be executed by Zephyr Networks at a pace that works for you. Without questions, virtualization is the wave of the future, and Zephyr Networks wants to help your small to mid-sized business surf that wave into greater productivity and profitability. To learn more, please contact Zephyr Networks toll free at (800) 884-7559 or fill out our handy contact form.

Private Cloud More Crucial Than Ever Before To Block Peeping Eyes Of NSA And Avoid Anymore Heartbleed

Given the countless reports about the peeping eyes of the National Security Agency and the damage caused by the Heartbeat security vulnerability, it might be time for your business to abandon the public cloud and embrace the security of the private cloud. Although Zephyr Networks embraces the value of cloud computing and how much it can help small to mid-sized companies, we have never liked the idea of putting their programs and data into the hands of big brother. Yes, the NSA probably isn’t sitting in Amazon, Google, or Microsoft’s data-centers, but this doesn’t mean you want to give them the opportunity to access your company’s proprietary information.

Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud

secure-cloudIT professionals who’ve resisted moving to a public cloud have never fully trusted the security of the public cloud. Regardless of what the NSA might or might not be doing and the recent exposed dangers of Heartbeat, we already know the government can, and will, grab cloud servers. Just ask Kim Dotcom about the seizure of Megaupload servers. Whether Dotcom was guilty of anything is still open to doubt, but all of Megaupload’s former customers’ data is still sitting in seized servers. Want to be sure your data is secure? Keep your most important company info on your own servers, in a secure datacenter, or with a private cloud.

This need for security and the solace of the private cloud is why Zephyr Networks has its own data center for its clients with complete data security and disaster recovery protection. Given the recent uproar over the Heartbleed vulnerability that hit the public cloud providers hard, Zephyr Networks believes it is time to emphasize the importance of the private cloud and secure data centers.

Did the NSA know about Heartbleed in advance, yet chose to do nothing beyond take advantage of the vulnerability for its own purposes? Without a doubt, Google knew about this critical flaw in Internet security and didn’t alert anyone until they had protected themselves. Neel Mehta, a Google engineer, first discovered Heartbleed – a bug that undermines the widely used encryption technology OpenSSL — in March. Google patched most of its own services before the companies publicized the bug on April 7.

Safety of the Private Cloud

Zephyr Networks emphasizes the importance of embracing the private cloud option for your business data. By providing a safe and reliable data service center, we provide our clients with the best of both worlds – the flexibility and power of cloud computing side-by-side with the reassurance of true privacy and security. To learn more about how the private cloud can help your company, please contact Zephyr Networks by calling (800) 884-7559 today.