June 2, 2020

British Report Reveals Data Breaches And Cyber Security Incidents Increasing As Cyber Criminals Attack Both Large And Small Businesses

Data Breaches and Cyber Security incidents are not only a problem in the United States. Zephyr Networks was not surprised when a detailed British study of the state of cyber security and data breaches by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) revealed extensive threats and vulnerabilities in the UK. The study – The 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey – reveals the threat of cyber attacks for both large and small businesses.

Like in the United States and specifically in Southern California, it does not matter whether you have a large, small or mid-sized company. Without taking the proper cyber defense precautions, your company is vulnerable. In the UK, attacks against small businesses increased by 10% in the past year, costing up to 6% of their turnover. Zephyr Networks knows from experience that these companies could have protected themselves for much less. Small businesses were advised by the British Government  to ensure that they are protected through managing risk, staff training and increased network security. Cyber security is not just an IT challenge, it is critical to the running of any business.

Some small to mid-sized businesses, whether in the UK or in Southern California, don’t have the resources to hire a full team of information security staff. To help these businesses to protect themselves, the British government has introduce Innovation Vouchers with a value of over $7500 to be used to improve their IT security with outside expertise. Zephyr Networks wishes that either the federal government of the state government of California would follow this smart path laid out by the British authorities. If you need affordable help in Southern California, please contact Zephyr Networks for cyber security solutions that will help ensure the safe future of your business and safeguard your company’s data. To prevent data breaches, call Zephyr Networks for a free consultation at (800) 884-7559.

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Cyber Security Incidents & Data Breaches Increasing All Over The World

This infographic by Via Resource highlights the growing trends in UK information security breaches.