June 2, 2020

Business Continuity

Your Business Continuity Plan is your roadmap for continuing to run your business during and after a major disaster or business interruption. Having this roadmap for where operations will continue, where the backup data resides, how to restore it and what each part of your team will do in response should be a standard part of your company’s general planning and risk analysis. The business case for having such a plan is proven by looking into the case studies from as far back as the San Francisco Earthquake1 of 1908 to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Being back in business as soon as possible can keep you in business or put you ahead of your competitors who have not properly planned for these situations. Take the proactive step and let Zephyr Networks design a Plan for your company.

1 Source Wikipedia
“Almost immediately after the quake (and even during the disaster), planning and reconstruction plans were hatched to quickly rebuild the city. Rebuilding funds were immediately tied up by the fact that virtually all the major banks had been sites of the conflagration, requiring a lengthy wait of seven-to-ten days before their fire-proof vaults could cool sufficiently to be safely opened without risk of spontaneous combustion. The Bank of Italy, however, had no vault and evacuated its funds to the country and was the only bank able to provide liquidity in the immediate aftermath. Its president also immediately chartered and financed the sending of two ships to return with shiploads of lumber from Washington and Oregon mills which provided the initial reconstruction materials and surge. In 1929, Bank of Italy was renamed and is now known as Bank of America.”