June 2, 2020

Network Auditing

Network Security

  • Privacy/Security assessment
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • Operating system and application configuration/settings
  • Establishing best practices for avoiding exposure of private data
  • Remote security testing of your network’s integrity

Virus Protection Services

  • Managed Antivirus Solution
  • Virus protection assessment
  • Anti Virus software and updates
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Operating system and application configuration/settings

Business Continuity Planning and Implementation

  • Systems Backup Design
  • Secure Offsite Storage solutions
  • Online Backup Services
  • Worst case scenario planning and documentation

Firewall installation and configuration

  • Hardware firewall solutions from Cisco, Sonicwall, Linksys, US Robotics or virtually any currently installed hardware.

Network Troubleshooting

Zephyr Networks can help you keep your network resources up and running. Troubleshooting is one of the most important things we do to help our customers.0

Resource Sharing

Networks tie all of these resources together, for convenience, value, and flexibility. Zephyr Networks can help you get more out of your technology dollars by making any sharable resource available to any trusted computer (and user) to take advantage of shared data and devices.

Data Integrity

One of the most critical areas of your business is the data you generate and depend on daily. Zephyr Networks can help you develop and implement an automated back up strategy that can insure the integrity of your data warehouse


Just like you car, your computer will become slower and start to experience problems if it is not on a regular maintenance program. Old temporary files and applications clutter up the hard drive causing your applications and files become fragmented. A PC Tune Up will enhance your computer’s performance, and make sure you’re fully protected from security threats and viruses. While we’re at it, we’ll provide recommendations for how to make the most of the hardware and software investments you’ve made.

The Service Includes:

  • Run Diagnostics to check your system for hardware problems
  • Update virus software and check for viruses
  • Check that your PC is secure from unauthorized access
  • Verify system patch and service pack levels
  • Delete temporary and trash files
  • Remove unnecessary programs from running at startup
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs and components
  • Check for and correct disk and directory errors
  • Ensure you have enough disk space for your future usage
  • De-fragment your hard drive for better performance
  • System evaluation

The PC Tune-Up is service only and does not include any hardware or software.

Computer Troubleshooting

PCs are complex and when things go wrong they can become beasts. Zephyr Networks’s experienced technicians are adept at quickly figuring out PC problems, and in many cases fixing them right on the spot. In cases where hardware has broken down, Zephyr Networks can determine your best options for getting your system back up and running, and provide replacement parts. This can also be a great time to upgrade, saving you money while improving performance, storage capacity or functionality.

Hardware Installations/Upgrades

Hardware installations can be intimidating. Whether you’re adding a scanner, a bigger disk drive, more RAM, or any number of other hardware upgrades (or replacements), Zephyr Networks can help. We can provide the best recommendations for achieving your goals, the best brands and most cost-effective sources from which to obtain parts. Zephyr Networks can also provide parts directly, and install them for you, while guaranteeing that things will work when it’s all put back together.

Software Installation/Upgrades

Just like with hardware, software installation can be perilous and is often tedious, such as when upgrading your computer operating system. Zephyr Networks will make any software installation or upgrade painless for you by making sure things are set up right.