June 2, 2020

Network Security, Computer Security

Anti-virus/Anti-malware Software and Monitoring

Computer System weakness by the numbers: In 2011 alone there were 403 million unique variants of malware vs. 286 million in 2010. There is an estimated 5.5 billion spam messages circulating per day. 2012 unveiled Gauss and Flame, as well as the targeted mini-Flame tool that infected millions of computers causing countless hours of downtime for their respective companies.

How can Zephyr Networks help mitigate issues like these which that could affect your business? By partnering with industry leading security companies we offer a range of solutions both software and hardware that can help reduce company downtime.

Rated #1 for Small Business Security

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security offers your company a centralized console to manage all your anti-virus/malware clients.

In 2012, Dell™ SonicWall Next-Generation Firewalls earned recognition from three of the industry’s most influential third party evaluators.

“In the year 2008 alone there was an estimated $1 Trillion dollars worth of intellectual property stolen due to hackers gaining access to confidential data stored on enterprise systems worldwide.” (source – http://www.stopthehacker.com/2012/04/20/ten-scariest-hacking-statistics/#.UIV-RFGlfeU)

“It takes only 10 minutes to crack a lowercase password that is 6 characters long. Add two extra letters and a few uppercase letters and that number jumps to 3 years. Add just one more character and some numbers and symbols and it will take 44,530 years to crack.” (source – http://www.stopthehacker.com/2012/04/20/ten-scariest-hacking-statistics/#.UIV-RFGlfeU)

In a recent survey it was reported that 90 percent of all businesses suffered some sort of computer hack over the past 12 months and 77 percent of these companies felt that they were successfully attacked several times over the same period of time. Since most attacks are a direct result of a malware infection, small businesses need to have some type of protection in place. (source – http://www.stopthehacker.com/2012/04/20/ten-scariest-hacking-statistics/#.UIV-RFGlfeU)

With the proliferation of mobile smart devices and remote access to corporate networks, there are more avenues for hackers than ever. Zephyr Networks partners with the best security focused companies in the world. Companies like Cisco, SonicWall, Continuum, McAfee and Trend Micro give us the tools we need to implement Intrusion Detection, Gateway virus and malware monitoring, and desktop and server continuous scanning for malware and viruses.

It’s important to notate that the tools are empty shells without the knowledge and background with which to implement a secure network. Furthermore, it is critical to keep your systems monitored and up to date with the latest software patches. Zephyr Networks has the tools AND the experience to secure your network and to keep it secure.

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