September 20, 2019

If Your Company Is A Racecar, A Business Continuity Plan Is Your Spare Tire

When Zephyr Networks asks potential client companies whether they have a business continuity plan in place, many senior executives shake their heads and say, “Why would we ever need such a thing? Everything has been going smoothly so far.” The key to this response is so far. The question is not how have things been going, but how will they go if your company faces a crisis without a business continuity plan in place.

Business Continuity Plan = Spare Tire

If your company is a racecar, what will happen if you blow a tire and you have forgotten to bring along a spare?

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Is Your Company’s Spare Tire In Place & Ready To Go?

As a crisis management resource, a business continuity plan is the spare tire needed to keep your company moving forward in the right direction. Nothing is worse than blowing a tire and being left stranded on the side of the road as cars shoot past you. Actually, that is not the truth. It is even worse when you blow a tire in the middle of a race and your clients are in the stands, watching your company’s racecar dead on the side of the track.

Do you think those clients will be calling you on Monday for help? Can you imagine the word-of-mouth generated by such a devastating incident? You simply never know when a crisis will hit like an earthquake or a bad storm, and this is why a business continuity plan is essential. In the modern age of information, no business can afford to be crippled on the side of the road for any extended period of time.

The heart of a business continuity plan is to get everything operating back to normal as quickly as possible. Naturally, there are some things you just cannot plan for, but Zephyr Networks has a proven history of providing our clients with business continuity plans that work in practice.

Keep Your Company On The Road Of Success

We do our best to examine the most likely potential problems that would hinder the normal operation of a business. We then develop workable contingencies in conjunction with our clients for such issues should they arise. After all, even if we are the information technology experts, we know you are the experts when it comes to the business of your business.

When putting together a business continuity plan, Zephyr Networks considers a range of actions a company will need to take in order to both detect and respond to a crisis. We have never had a business that works with us left stewing on the side of the road without a spare tire. With a business continuity plan, we can ensure that your business will overcome whatever difficulties arise and continue to move down the road of success. To learn more about how we can help protect your company, call Zephyr toll free at (800) 884-7559 or fill out our handy contact form.


Is Your Company Protected By A Business Continuity And Data Recovery Plan That Makes Sense?

Is your business continuity and data recovery plan working? As a respected provider of information technology solutions and computer networking support, Zephyr Networks knows from experience that for business continuity and data recovery plans to succeed, data protection must become an integral part of a company. Rather than adding a second-rate business continuity and data recovery plan without any real implementation, Zephyr Networks helps our client companies make data protection and network security an extension of their overall company culture. After all, the way a company handles its information technology challenges, including systems, support and strategy, is already a key part of its culture.

Business Continuity and Data Recovery Plan

When auditing the technology plans and strategies of our client companies, Zephyr Networks often finds business continuity and data recovery plans that have atrophied. Why is this so often the case? When it comes to backup strategies and disaster recovery plans, they simply are not at the forefront of an everyday, weekly or even monthly awareness of most businesses. If your company is focused on the business of today and maintaining productivity levels, this outlook makes sense to Zephyr Networks. In fact, this outlook is exactly why so many Orange County companies choose to partner with us as a provider of their IT Solutions.

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Is Your Company Ready For The Storm To Hit?

What is essential to understand is nothing can be more damaging to your company’s productivity and profitability than a lack of a workable business continuity and data recovery plan when a disaster hits. Whether it was Tropical Storm Sandy in New York or mud slides in Malibu or earthquakes in California, too many small to mid-sized businesses have been caught off guard by unexpected disasters. By working with Zephyr Networks, such unexpected happenings don’t have to become disasters for your company if the proper business continuity and data recovery plan is in place.

Disaster Recovery Questions To Ask

When Zephyr Networks works with a new client, we ask a lot of questions and access a lot of information to do the job right and the way a company owner wants it to be done. Among the questions we ask about business continuity and data recovery are the following:

  1.   What is needed to update the business continuity and data recovery plan accordingly?
  2.   Should we start replicating that virtual machine to preserve the data?
  3.   How often should that server’s data be protected?
  4.   Are virtual capabilities being used properly?
  5.   Are all essential employees aware of the plan and their roles?

By asking these questions and more, Zephyr Networks helps your company develop and install a business continuity and data recovery plan that makes sense. If you need help with your company’s business continuity and data recovery plan, please call Zephyr Networks toll free at (800) 884-7559 or fill out our handy contact form.



3 Basic Contingency Planning Tips To Safeguard Your Company From Disaster

If contingency planning tips actually work, they can be invaluable to helping your company get through almost any potential crisis. With cloud computing and modern

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Always Protecting Essential Data

data protection services, the ideal of Zephyr Networks is to make contingency planning unnecessary for our clients. Nevertheless, ideals are ideals and realities are realities. When natural disasters strike like Hurricane Katrina, Tropical Storm Sandy or the Northridge Earthquake, sometimes damage is done that cannot be helped. But contingency planning can help protect your valuable information and keep your business moving forward.

The key to contingency planning does not mean having grandiose plans. Rather, you should focus on the basics by protecting the core of your service operations and keeping communication channels open. By focusing on the basics of what is needed, your company can continue to operate beyond the difficulties presented.

3 Contingency Planning Tips to Ensure Continued Operations:

1)     Protect your computer equipment as best you can on a safe external server. With most documents now being stored in an electronic format, if you lose your server, you lose everything. With cloud computing, there is no need for this to happen.

2)     Have the essential contact information for your employees in a safe place that is easily accessible. If disaster strikes, have a meet-up place that will be accessible no matter what beyond the apocalypse or nuclear war.

3)     By safeguarding the key info of your company and ensuring that business will continue, use this information to boost employee morale. Let the employees know that you are on the job and focused on keeping the company on a positive track. Employees who know you have protected the business and their future employment will be that much more willing to go the extra mile to get the business back on track.

Zephyr Networks And Contingency Planning

Zephyr networks knows from first-hand experience with past clients that natural disaster does not have to mean the closing down of your business. With cloud computing and modern data protection services like safe external servers, the heart of your company’s intellectual wealth and data can be protected. By creating a simple contingency plan, you can make the transition back to profitability that much easier.

Contingency planning does not have to be ultra complex and it shouldn’t be difficult; it simply should work for your company. If you want to know more how we can help protect the future of your company with effective contingency planning and other data management and protection services, please call Zephyr Networks toll free at (800) 884-7559 or fill out our handy contact form.