October 16, 2019

What Is A Private Cloud And Why It Makes The Most Sense For Your Business

A private cloud offers a distinct and secure cloud-based environment in which only the specified client can operate, thus avoiding the dangers of the public cloud while offering the benefits of virtualization. As with other cloud models, private clouds deliver computing power to your company as a service within a virtualized environment that has an underlying pool of physical computing resources. With a secure data services center based in Orange County, Zephyr Networks offers the best in private cloud options and solutions.

Private Cloud Model at Zephyr Networks

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Security of the Private Cloud

The difference between the private cloud model offered by Zephyr Networks and the public cloud offered by Google and other Internet giants is simple to illustrate. Like the picture at the right, your company needs the security of a classic white picket fence. You need to know your data and information is safe. Although the most important aspects of your computing requirements remain virtualized, the private cloud offers an advanced level of security and privacy. Such security has become a necessity for many businesses in this day and age.

When a data breach could mean the end of your business and possible lawsuits, a private cloud is the answer that your business needs. When compliance regulations are growing from both a state and federal perspective in terms of client information, a private cloud offers the protection needed to stay in compliance. From HIPAA to complex financial regulations, the private cloud avoids the problems that data breaches of the public cloud have made so common.

No Maintenance + Reliable Power Backups

A key advantage of a private cloud like at the Zephyr Data Services Center is you no longer have to worry about ongoing maintenance. You don’t have to worry about cooling your server rooms or any other technical issues because we do everything for you. More importantly, all maintenance questions are covered, turned into reliable answers.

In the modern world of 24/7 business, can you afford a time out period for your business because of power issues? With the recent heat wave and the resulting rolling blackouts, many companies were temporarily crippled. Imagine the business lost and the opportunities tossed out the door. By relying on the Zephyr Data Services Center, you have the power back-ups and cooling reliability that your business needs to guarantee success.

Public Cloud Dangers vs. Private Cloud Security

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The Zephyr Data Services Center

A public cloud has multiple clients accessing virtualized services and resources from the same pool of servers across public networks. In contrast, the private cloud draws on a distinct pool of protected physical servers and computers. Hosted externally at the Zephyr Data Services Center, these resources and services are accessed across private leased lines or secure encrypted connections via public networks. The benefits of such managed services are multiple with protection and reliability being high on the list.

The additional security offered by the ring fenced cloud model is ideal for any organization that needs to process private data or carry out sensitive tasks. For example, a financial company that is required by regulation to store sensitive data internally should utilize a private cloud service. At the same time, such a company wants to benefit the advantages of cloud computing within their business infrastructure, such as on demand resource allocation.

Learn More About The Zephyr Private Cloud

By accessing a private cloud, the security and the flexibility go hand-in-hand or server-to server with a tailored array of services offered. The private cloud model is closer to the more traditional model of individual local access networks (LANs) used in the past, but with the added advantages of virtualization. If you want to know more about the private cloud opportunities offered by Zephyr Networks, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Zephyr Networks Highlights The Benefits of Virtualization for Small Business Owners

Can a small business benefit from virtualization? Having started as a small business, Zephyr Networks has a unique understanding of what small-business owners need to run their businesses efficiently. Virtualization is a virtual – as opposed to actual – version of a technology like hardware, software, an operating system or even a network. With virtualization, special software is used to allow a server, for example, to run several operating systems simultaneously. Without a doubt, virtualization is the wave of the future.

Virtualization – The Wave Of The Future

Server virtualization provides a small business with far more versatility than traditional direct on hardware solutions. At the same time, if its implemented right, your precious company data is protected. One server can be “divided” to accommodate multiple tenants each in it’s own virtual compartment. Virtualization maximizes server capacity, reducing the number of servers needed.

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Virtualization Helps

In-house virtualization, however, does not free a company from the typical administrative overheads required for managing physical servers. By working with the virtualization experts at Zephyr Networks, however, such freedom is attained. As a managed IT services provider, Zephyr Networks takes on the responsibility of monitoring and managing the virtual servers of our clients by placing the responsibility on the shoulders of well trained IT professionals.

Virtualization also will cut down on your energy consumption, lowering a company’s monthly electricity bill and promoting a green-oriented approach. For a small-business owner, such minor savings can mean a lot in the long run, especially if the business is located in an area with high energy costs. In addition, the green approach reflects positively on a company’s public image.

A Key Benefit of Virtualization

A key benefit of virtualization is reliable business continuity and disaster recovery. Business continuity is about quickly recovering from things like power outages and server crashes. Even more extreme, fires, theft and natural disasters like earthquakes and floods often happen without warning.

What would happen if the important files of your business were stored on in-house servers that got destroyed in an earthquake or a fire? With virtualization, that becomes less of a worry, especially if you conduct regular checks to ensure that your data is being properly backed up. Data recovery strategies is a specialty of Zephyr Networks. If disaster strikes, a company is less likely to lose essential information and services, thus minimizing any subsequent downtime.

A useful feature of server virtualization is something called live migration, which reduces downtime. The beauty of live migration is that, in the event of a power outage or server failure, the virtual machine continues running while it is moved from one physical location to another, allowing you and your employees to remain productive and go about your usual business.

The Virtual Desktop A Growing Trend

The virtual desktop also is a growing trend in the business world. Known as client virtualization, desktop virtualization separates the desktop environment from the physical machine with the help of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Here again, this is where a managed IT services provider like Zephyr Networks can be a big help. We offer a variety of virtualization solutions such as VDIs, and we are skilled at implementing and managing these solutions for your business.

With virtual desktop infrastructure, employees can access the company network from their laptops, tablets or smart devices. If you know other small-business owners who are already using virtualization in their companies, talk to them about the pluses and minuses. You will be surprised at how the benefits of virtualization greatly outweigh your fear of trying something new

Zephyr Networks & Virtualization

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce costs and your carbon footprint while increasing efficiency in one fell swoop?  Yes, implementing virtualization is a process, and introducing a virtual server solution into your small business will be executed by Zephyr Networks at a pace that works for you. Without questions, virtualization is the wave of the future, and Zephyr Networks wants to help your small to mid-sized business surf that wave into greater productivity and profitability. To learn more, please contact Zephyr Networks toll free at (800) 884-7559 or fill out our handy contact form.

IT Infrastructure, Computer Networking & Data Storage Predictions For 2014

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2014 IT & Data Storage Predictions

As an Orange County provider of proactive technology solutions, Zephyr Networks offers a series of IT infrastructure, computer networking and data storage predictions for 2014. Following the trends of 2013, small to mid-sized companies will continue to move toward virtualization, mobile diversity and cloud-based storage and applications. Given the security implications of the NSA disclosures over the past year, there also will be a remarkable shift to private cloud options to provide a greater sense of data and network security.

Zephyr Networks outlines in brief our IT infrastructure, computer networking and data storagepredictions for 2014.

2014 Information Technology & Data Storage Predictions:

1) The private cloud will be embraced by small to mid-sized businesses to guarantee greater security. Zephyr Networks is expanding our business in 2014 into data center management to enable private cloud options for our client base. Private cloud options allow for virtualized storage while avoiding the snooping eyes that seem to be all over the public and corporate versions of the cloud.

2) Virtualization goes from being the business exception to the business norm for small to mid-sized companies. Through virtualization, a company can run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single machine. There will be a sharp rise in network virtualization, server virtualization and application-desktop virtualization through Google Apps.

3) VMware will be the number one option embraced by small to mid-sized business to address their virtualization needs. VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company, streamlines IT operations by virtualizing the IT infrastructure. From the data center virtualization to the private cloud to mobile devices, VMware enables access to a company’s essential data and applications from any device, anytime, anywhere. Such access is not only going to be what is wanted, but it is going to be what companies need to stay competitive in 2014.

4) Application and desktop virtualization will become the norm as companies move away from traditional isolated software on individual computers and embrace virtualization. By taking full advantage of virtualization, small to mid-sized companies will be able to save money. Although it began in 2013, such a shift will become commonplace in 2014 as small to mid-sized companies recognize the value, the security and the universal access provided by application and desktop virtualization.

5) IT infrastructure growth and the expansion of virtualization in all business arenas will call for the dual need of both greater bandwidth and expert help. As a result, IT providers like Zephyr Networks will be needed to manage and secure all of the new options available. Although less expensive and more utilitarian, the new options will still be new, demanding a greater need for external support and management. With the support offered by companies like Zephyr Networks, the technology advances of 2014 will allow small to mid-sized businesses to truly thrive as the year progresses.