June 2, 2020

Work From Anywhere With Access To Your Office Using Google Drive & Google Apps

Never worry about forgetting an important file or being unable to access an essential application

By helping client companies take advantage of Google Drive & Google Apps, Zephyr Networks allows you to work from anywhere with access to the vast majority of your needed files and programs. By having remote access to such files and applications, you never have to worry again about forgetting an important file or being unable to access an essential application. You can travel lightly and also do business from just about anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Every Google Drive user gets 5GB of cloud storage free to use with your existing material and what is created through Google Apps. Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps your employees connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Zephyr Networks has the experience and expertise you need for everything from initial set-up to ongoing management, making the Google suite of resources easy to use. Our goal is allow you to work smarter by focusing on what really matters — growing and expanding your core business.

From Google Docs and Google Slides to Google Sheets and Google Forms, the suite of Google applications provided through Google Drive effectively replace the need for former hardware-planted software. With five gigabytes of cloud-based storage for free, this threshold has proven to be more than enough storage for many small to mid-sized businesses. If more is needed, Google Drive offers an additional 25 GB for only $2.49 per month. The 5 GB of allocated space is much larger than the best offerings currently on the cloud computing market — former industry leader Dropbox begins charging for data storage after just 2 GB.

Google’s strength has always been its search functionality.  The excellence of the Google search engine has been duplicated within other tools and services provided through Google Drive. As a result, Google Drive users access superior search abilities that allow most files to be found within the drive space within seconds. In addition, even unlabeled images have been made searchable through Google Drive’s search feature, providing users with an unprecedented ability to comb through their stored data to find whatever they might be looking for.

Since time is money, Google’s Drive also features much faster file synchronizing times, reducing the time it takes for cloud-stored files to be synched with offline files. In addition, Google Drive works across multiple platforms not discriminating in terms of functionality based on your operating system of choice. Both Mac and Windows operating systems can use Google Drive. The Google Drive applications now work on the iPhone and iPad, making Google Drive more flexible and versatile than any of its competitors.

If you want to know how Zephyr Networks can help transform the dream of remote access into a profitable reality for your company, please contact us today. With Google Drive and the choice of a suite of Google applications, we can help improve the productivity and profitability of your company wherever the business is being conducted.