September 20, 2019

Modern Cyber Criminals Are A Real Threat To Your Company’s Onsite Servers

Cyber criminals are a real threat to your company Zephyr Networks wants to be sure that small to mid-sized business owners across Orange California in particular and Southern California as a whole are aware of the criminal dangers that can threaten their company’s servers. Beyond the remote cyber security threats, onsite hacking due to a lack of security in your office server rooms is a danger as well. Still, remote cyber security threats and hacking dangers to your servers remain the number one danger.

The Threat of Cyber Criminals

cyber criminals

The Real Threat of Cyber Criminals

Recent revelations about the hacking forum Darkode proved to be truly frightening. Upon being taken down by the Justice Department, it was discovered that the hackers were making malware to create networks of malware-infected “zombie” computers to perform automated criminal tasks online without the user’s knowledge. The zombie computers could be used to do just about anything within a hacker’s realm of power. Nobody is immune to such 21st century threats. Such dangers exist for your company as well.

A zombie is a computer connected to the Internet that has been compromised by a hacker. Such a computer can be used to perform malicious tasks of one sort or another under remote direction. Potential threats of cyber criminals could greatly undermine your business by compromising your servers are real.

Cyber Criminals – Onsite Threats To Servers

Criminal threats to your company’s servers exist because security in office server rooms is often nonexistent. Beyond remote hacking with zombie computers, if thieves that are hackers with computer capabilities break into your offices in the night or during a holiday, they literally can steal everything. More and more of these cyber criminals exist, particularly within local organized crime gangs and syndicates that see private business information, intellectual property, and computers as the new criminal frontier.

Once experienced cyber criminals are actually in your office and in front of the server hardware, it is so much easier for them to access what they want to steal. By tackling servers head-on, cyber criminals can capture all of your company’s data and information. Imagine a kidnapping of everything on your company’s servers and the compromising of all of your databases. Once the kidnappers are gone, there will be no ransom demands; the data is taken for good.

Advanced Security Of The Irvine Data Center

At the Irvine data center of Zephyr Networks, our security team’s monitoring tools function 24-7. If something happens that is not copasetic, our security team is immediately alerted. The Irvine Data Center has security designed to address HIPAA, SOX, and other compliance challenges where client and company information must be protected. We make sure both cyber criminals and onsite thieves are unable to steal your company’s data and intellectual property.

Zephyr Networks offers local safety for the modern remote world. Our data center team helps your business avoid problems that could undermine your profitability and productivity. You can set-up a free informational tour of the Irvine data center site with Zephyr Networks so you can see our capabilities for yourself. To learn more about the advantages of the Zephyr Networks Irvine Data Center, please contact us today by calling (800) 884-7559.

Are Cleaning Mishaps And Janitorial Negligence Threatening Your Company’s Onsite Servers?

Are your company’s onsite servers safe? A major reason why Zephyr Networks chose to take on the responsibility of managing our own Irvine Data Center was to provide our clients with a higher level of security. When it comes to protecting your company’s valuable data and information stored on servers, you need a guaranteed sense that safety is a number one priority. Do you realize how often cleaning mishaps and janitorial negligence can threaten and damage a company’s onsite servers?

Are Your Onsite Servers Really Safe?

It almost seems absurd that casual accidents actually could jeopardize your company’s servers and data when you are not in the office. What’s crazy is that Zephyr Networks has witnessed such damage to private onsite servers time and time again. A lack of security and proper safety protocols often leads to damage on account of cleaning mishaps and janitorial negligence.

onsite servers

A wet floor can lead to disaster for onsite servers

When it comes to onsite servers, beyond the external security of the building and a locked door or two, there tends to be an utter lack of the security needed to prevent careless accidents. First, Janitorial staff and cleaning companies circumvent the first level of security because they are given access to the building. Second, when it comes time to do the weekly janitorial work or deeper cleanings by an outside agency, the cleaning staff tends to be given access to the whole building. Doesn’t your maintenance staff have a master set of keys and the freedom to enter all the rooms? Such universal access includes access to the supposedly secure spaces where a company’s onsite servers are housed.

Casual Cleaning Mistakes Innocent But Deadly

Zephyr Networks is not implying a nefarious conspiracy by janitorial staff and cleaning agencies to destroy company servers. When such mishaps happen, they are innocent in nature, but still deadly. There have been too many examples of office maids, carpet cleaning companies, and janitors accidentally bumping into servers while they execute their work. As a result, not only is the work executed, but the innocent servers are sacrificed as well. When cleaning, they spray chemicals and use cleaning products that can hurt the machines and the advanced technology of the servers. Can you imagine one of those huge office carpet-cleaning machines banging into one of your onsite servers?

Avoid Janitorial Negligence & Cleaning Mishaps

Zephyr Networks has seen first-hand the immediate result of such careless accidents; everything gets shut down. If the internal server security system interprets the bumps and thumps as a threat, they go into lockdown mode and need to be completely rebooted. Your business could be shut down on Monday morning because of something that happened on Saturday when you were at the beach with your kids. Does taking such a risk make any sense?

This is the advantage of working with Zephyr Networks and embracing our Irvine Data Center (Grupo SMS). We provide a smart answer to these external threats. Naturally, our Irvine Data Center is regulated to deal with natural disasters, flooding, electrical outages and the like. More importantly, our excellent security at both locations avoids human error, whether criminal or just downright negligence. We don’t allow outside cleaning vendors to go near our servers. Our number one goal is to protect your valuable company data from every external threat, including careless mishaps and ignorant mistakes.

Protect Your Company’s Servers

Don’t let your onsite servers become a liability for your company. To learn more about the advantages of the Zephyr Networks Irvine Data Center and our data center services, please contact us today by calling (800) 884-7559.

Orange County IT News – No More Microsoft Product Support For Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003 & More

If you are an Orange County business owner with older computer and networking systems, did you know that Microsoft product support ended in the beginning of April for several key 2003 products. If you have not updated your systems, the time to do it is now. Since your company is more than two generations behind given how past computer networking and software product lines evolve, it is a complex process to get up-to-date. But Zephyr Networks can help while improving your security, offering innovative new options and helping to train your staff.

Lifecycles of Microsoft Product Support

Here is an outline of what is happening with the older Microsoft products as their lifecycles come to an end:

microsoft product support

Zephyr Networks Provides Orange County IT Support

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Outlook 2003, Windows XP, Exchange 2010 SP2 and Windows Server 2003 will no longer be  eligible for tech or updates support from Microsoft. All the lifecycles of these Microsoft products end in early April of 2015, except for Windows Server 2003 that ends in the middle of July 2015 .

  1. Outlook 2003 will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014
  2. Exchange Server 2003 will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014
  3. Windows XP will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014
  4. Exchange 2010 SP2 will transition out of support on 8th April 2014
  5. Windows Server 2003will transition out of extended support on 14th of July 2015

Microsoft Product Support Ends

Microsoft will stop sending security updates to System Center Endpoint Protection and Forefront Endpoint Protection for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Windows Server 2003 will become an “unsupported” product on that date, according to Microsoft’s product lifecycle schedule. Once a product has passed their “extended support” period, the customer no longer receive product updates, including security patches, from Microsoft.

Microsoft doesn’t recommend using Windows Server 2003 past its product lifecycle end date. Even if Windows Server 2003 had good anti-malware support, such support may not be enough to keep it secure as hackers and cybercriminals continue to evolve their attacks. “We have found in our research that the effectiveness of anti-malware solutions on out-of-support operating systems is limited,” Microsoft warned.

The lack of security patches means a potential risk for organizations. Once the previous malware updates expire, your company will be vulnerable. By not keeping up-to-date with the latest networking and computer security threats, your company could be hit hard by cybercriminals looking to hijack your data or even just bored hackers out to cause a little trouble. To avoid such problems, please contact Zephyr Networks at (800) 884-7559 today.

Zephyr Networks Helps New Client With Long Overdue Microsoft Exchange Server Migration

A Microsoft Exchange Server Migration often proves to be a lot more challenging than most clients realize, particularly if they have waited nearly a decade to make the switch. When it comes to making a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration to upgrade to the latest available technology, many companies believe that such a transition is as easy as pushing in button. In truth, if your company has waited to update and become comfortable in the old system, a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration often becomes a multi-step process that includes the re-training of your staff.

microsoft exchange server migration

Exchange Server Migration Problems

Important Note – The Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Outlook 2003, Windows XP, Exchange 2010 SP2 and Windows Server 2003 will no longer be  eligible for tech or updates support from Microsoft. All the lifecycles of these Microsoft products end in early April of 2015, except for Windows Server 2003 that ends in the middle of July 2015 .

  1. Outlook 2003 will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014
  2. Exchange Server 2003will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014
  3. Windows XP will transition out of extended support on 8th of April 2014
  4. Exchange 2010 SP2 will transition out of support on 8th April 2014
  5. Windows Server 2003will transition out of extended support on 14th of July 2015

The Challenge of a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration

At the same time, such a switch opens up new doors by expanding your technological capabilities and providing your company with the latest Microsoft Exchange Server’s innovations and tools. Zephyr Networks has the staff and the technological know-how to effectively help your company with a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration without interrupting your daily business while ensuring the safety of your data, and continuity for your employees. Recently, we helped a new client make a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration that they desperately needed since it had been over a decade since their last update.

The challenge with a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration when so much time has passed is the multiple steps needed in the process. Since the company was still operating with the 2003 version of the Microsoft Exchange Server, they had missed several versions. In fact, Microsoft Exchange 2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Microsoft almost takes for granted that a company, at the very least, has updated to the 2007 Microsoft Exchange Server version. But the reality is many companies are still using Exchange Server 2003.

Two-Step Migration To The 2013 Microsoft Exchange Server

In order to protect the ongoing fluidity of the company’s email processes while keeping the past data secure, Zephyr Networks needed to take a two-step approach to the migration process. First, their present 2003 Microsoft Exchange Server was migrated to the 2007 Microsoft Exchange Server version. Although the staff was given information about this initial migration, it was done during downtime when there was less demand on the system. In the second step, Zephyr Networks was able to bypass the 2010 Microsoft Exchange Server update and migrate directly to the latest 2013 Microsoft Exchange Server. By making a two-step leap, although it took more time, it ensured the integrity of the existing system and data while guaranteeing a clean Microsoft Exchange Server Migration to the latest version. End users saw little change in their daily activities but were quickly able to use the enhanced capabilities.

Advantage of Microsoft Exchange Server Migration to 2013

After the Microsoft Exchange Server Migration, Zephyr Networks helped train the company’s employees in the effective use of the new system. Beyond on-the-site training, we provided access to the best online tutorials and training manuals provided by Microsoft. In addition, if any problem came up after the Microsoft Exchange Server Migration, we were one phone call away from a solution.

On the Microsoft website, the advantages of making a Microsoft Exchange Server Migration to the 2013 version are clearly laid out. Unlike the 2003 version, the latest Exchange lets a company tailor their solution based on their unique needs, ensuring that their communications are always available in light of the rise of mobile technologies. While protecting a company with the latest Microsoft safeguard, the 2013 Microsoft Exchange Server increases productivity by helping employees manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices and work together more effectively as teams.

Zephyr Networks Can Help Your Company

If your company already has been using the Microsoft Exchange Server system, Zephyr Networks can help you with any Microsoft Exchange Server Migration needs while address any other information technology issues at hand. Whether you want to move to the private cloud or improve your network security, we can help. If you are not using Microsoft Exchange Server already, we also can offer a variety of options that might be better suited for your business needs, saving you both time and money. To find out how Zephyr Networks can help your company, please call (800) 884-7559 today for a free consultation with one of our information technology and networking support experts.

Zephyr Networks Highlights The Importance Of Mobile Technologies For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

If you have yet to figure it out by now, mobile technologies swiftly are becoming the dominant mode for both online sales and business communication. In 2014, retail sales of mobile devices shot through the roof, generating over $520 billion in revenue. From a recently published study The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Technologies Drive A Trillion-Dollar Impact, that astounding figure is correct.

 Mobile Optimization Leads To Productivity & Profits

In addition, mobile content and apps generated $530 billion in revenues globally in 2014. Overall, the study found revealed that mobile technologies generated an incredible $3.3 trillion in revenue. Although the figure is downright awe-inspiring, it makes sense when you consider that consumers worldwide value mobile technologies at 11% to 45% of their incomes. Indeed, the vast majority of people around the world are willing to give up luxuries for a year if forced to choose between luxuries and keeping their mobile phones.

Zephyr Networks appreciates such positive moments when the tide of history moves in the same direction as our business model. For several years, we have emphasized the importance of our customers integrating mobile technologies into their technology profile. At Zephyr Networks, we can manage the mobile capabilities of our clients, integrating mobile devices into their workflows and overall technological & networking possibilities. We’ve also built a workflow around mobile devices in the past.

BCG Study Of Mobile Usage With Convincing Results

mobile technologies

Mobile Technologies = Business Success

The Boston Consulting Group and Qualcomm collaborated on the extensive study of 6 countries’ adoption of mobile technologies. They have provided an extensive summary of those findings in a convincing fashion. The 6 countries examined in the study are United States, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, China and India. Representing 47% of global GDP, these 6 countries show how important mobile technologies are to business ventures across the board.

Mobile technologies are emerging as a growth engine for small to mid-sized businesses with the top 25% of adopters seeing two times revenue growth and up to eight times the number of jobs created. Small to mid-sized businesses that adopt mobile technologies to stay connected with customers and streamline operations are growing revenue twice as faster as their competitors. 82% of small to mid-sized businesses on the cutting edge of mobile adoption say that mobile technologies are giving them greater flexibility and agility in connecting with customers and generating customer loyalty.

Mobile Technologies & Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

Small to mid-sized businesses that embrace the mobile revolution are seeing up to 50% of all searches for their businesses from mobile devices. The study found that mobile adoption leaders have successfully integrated their mobile platforms with existing business applications, further strengthening customer relationships. In addition, they were able to generate greater visibility from the perspective of both production and distribution.

The experts cite a recent Jupiter Research study that explored how mobile payment solutions including Square are enabling small to mid-sized businesses to be more agile, efficient and responsive to customers’ selling strategies. Please know that the goal of Zephyr Networks is to seamlessly integrate mobile technologies into your business, making the transition to mobile optimization smooth and positive.

Zephyr Networks Supports The Mobile Revolution

If you want to learn more about how mobile devices can help increase your company’s profit margins, please call Zephyr Networks at (800) 884-7559 today.

Sony Hack Implications For The Cybersecurity Of Your Company

Without question, the biggest entertainment story, maybe even the biggest story period at the end of 2014 was the Sony hack by presumed North Korean agents in response to the release of The Interview. Beyond the leak of unreleased movies like Annie and Still Alice, the hackers behind the cyber-attack stole the personal, financial and medical data about thousands of past and present SPE employees and their dependents. By failing to properly secure such information, Sony Pictures Entertainment placed the future of the company in jeopardy by opening the door to countless civil lawsuits and class action suits.

The Sony Cyber-Attack & Your Company

Can you imagine such a cyber-attack against your company and the ugly consequences? Would you be able to survive class action lawsuits by employees and ex-employees if such information was stolen and used against them? Do you want the private emails between you and your employees to be revealed in public?

The goal of Zephyr Networks is to help you avoid such devastation by providing you with the latest in information technology protection in the form of cybersecurity, network security and computer security. If a multinational company as large as Sony Pictures Entertainment could be severely hurt and publicly humiliated by a cyber-attack, then your company is at risk as well.

 Confidential Employee Information Stolen

sony hack, cybersecurity

The Sony Hack & Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Before going any further into what Zephyr Networks can do to help, here is a sample of what was stolen by the hackers. The damage goes well beyond the early release of a few minor movies and some scandalous emails between executives and producers. According to a notice letter to employees that was dated December 8, 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment revealed that unauthorized individuals as a result of a “brazen cyber-attack” had obtained identifiable information about employees and their dependents. Sony Pictures Entertainment listed the following types of information that may have been obtained:

“(i) name, (ii) address, (iii) social security number, driver’s license number, passport number and/or other government identifier, (iv) bank account information, (v) credit card information for corporate travel and expense, (vi) username and passwords, (vii) compensation and (viii) other employment-related information. In addition, unauthorized individuals may have obtained (ix) HIPAA protected health information, such as name, social security number, claims appeals information you submitted to SPE (including diagnosis and disability code), date of birth, home address, and member ID number to the extent that you and/or your dependents participated in SPE health plans, and (x) health/medical information that you provided to use outside of SPE health plans.”

In a downright shocking account of the hack, C-SPAN reported that the hackers stole 47,000 unique Social Security numbers from the Sony Pictures Entertainment computer network. The hackers claim to have stolen over 100 terabytes of data from Sony. Can you imagine if such confidential information about your employees was stolen from your company? Rather than working on growing your business, you would be entrenched in legal fights as you struggled to survive the onslaught of lawsuits.

A Goal Of Zephyr Networks

Zephyr Networks, Cybersecurity, Sony hack

Zephyr Cybersecurity Protection

The goal of Zephyr Networks is to make sure that no such cyber-attack is ever allowed to hurt our client companies. Yes, we understand that your company most likely will not be targeted by North Korea or any such foreign entity. Given the power of hackers, however, one disgruntled employee or angry competitor easily could wreak illegal damage on your company. What bothers Zephyr Networks is how many companies remain unprotected and how at risk their confidential information is when it doesn’t have to be that way.

To learn more about how Zephyr Networks can help your company address the issue of cybersecurity and network security, please call (800) 884-7559 for a free consultation.

A Zephyr Networks Client Tells a Competitor Why We Are The Best In The IT Services Industry

Although the technology professionals at Zephyr Networks are happy to tell you why you should work with us and why our IT services are the best in the business., it sounds so much better coming from a client. That is particularly true when it’s being expressed to a competitor. As the President of United Polychem, Inc. in Costa Mesa, Lynne Vanderwall has been a loyal client of Zephyr Networks for several years. At the end of last year, he grew sick and tired of one of our competitors contacting his company over and over again, trying to recruit their business and steal them away from Zephyr Networks.

A Client of Zephyr Networks

As a direct consequence of this badgering, Lynne Vanderwall sent the following email to the sales rep from the other company. He copied Marc Winger, the founder of Zephyr Networks, so he could see the email. Later, she kindly told Marc that Zephyr Networks could publish his response on our website. Although we have redacted the name of our competitor, we are proud to publish the following testimonial about our services:

United Polychem, Zephyr Networks, IT Services

Endorsement from Lynne Vanderwall

Please remove us from both your email and call list.  We are with Zephyr Networks, and they are our IT Management Company. We just signed a 10-year contract with them. There has never been an IT services company that has been more of a partner and friend to our company. We have been impressed across the board by all of the people at this firm and the services they provide. United Polychem has no reason to change and won’t for the next ten years so please remove us from all of your lists.

Lynne Vanderwall – President of United Polychem, Inc.

 Endorsed By United Polychem, Inc.

When Lynne mentions how he has “been impressed across the board by all the people at this firm and the services they provide,” the endorsement reflects an important quality that is philosophy and mission of Zephyr Networks. Although Marc Winger is clearly the leader of the team as the head of the company, Zephyr Networks is, always has been, and always will be a team operation. Every person hired becomes an intrinsic part of that team by both having the technical expertise and adopting the customercentric service approach that has made us successful.

Once again, we would like to thank Lynne Vanderwall for allowing us to post his positive endorsement. If you want to know more about what Zephyr Networks can do for your company, please pick up the phone and call us at (800) 884-7559 for a free consultation. It could become the best decision you make for the technological health and IT services success of your company in 2015.

Zephyr Networks Offers Holiday Upgrades Of The Latest Technology That Could Help With 2014 Tax Savings

Holiday upgrades equal the rare combination of a smooth transition married to cost-saving tax incentives. With Thanksgiving over and Christmas right around the corner, Zephyr Networks is offering our clients and new potential clients a way to save money while improving their technological capabilities. End of the year tax incentives equal the ability to reduce your company’s 2014 tax burden. By spending money today on holiday upgrades, improving computing and networking systems, you will have them up and running by the end of the year.

Holiday Upgrades Can Mean Tax Savings

The idea is to get spending on the books now by having new computer upgrades up and running before the end of the year. If the systems are in place by year’s end, the expense can offset profits, lowering your taxes later. By purchasing new equipment like computers, tablets and mobile phones that are tax deductible as legitimate business expenses, you create tax savings in 2015. Such opportunities are a big reason why the Zephyr Networks team works through the holidays.

In addition, by working through the holidays, we assure our client that any new technologies or computer upgrades are integrated into your company with as easy of a transition as possible. During the holiday season, interruption is minor. Such downtime means it’s the perfect time for a major upgrade and a smooth migration. While the competition is off skiing, Zephyr Networks is working hard for your company to give you that competitive edge in 2015.

Zephyr Advantage = Holiday Upgrades Installed

holiday upgrades, tax savings, zephyr neytworks

Zephyr Networks Holiday Upgrades Mean Saving Money

Any good accountant will tell you that spending money on better equipment and technological upgrades at the end of the year is a great way to offset profits. By using funds spent on holiday upgrades as company tax deductions, technological upgrades truly become holiday upgrades. After all, isn’t the best-looking version of Santa the one that looks a little like more Benjamin Franklins in your pocket?

The bigger bonus of holiday upgrades is that the newer, more cutting edge equipment delivers greater reliability and greater security. You also can upgrade your network security software and virus protection capabilities, providing the safety your business deserves while doing some smart tax planning. The majority of such computing, networking and mobile offerings are tax deductible as legitimate business expenses. Still, at Zephyr Networks we do not pretend to be accountants. As computer networking, information technology and cybersecurity experts, we recommend you talk to your accountant.

Holiday Upgrades Make Sense

Without question, however, in today’s day and age when the latest computer hardware and mobile devices are improving at such a rapid pace, making a smart holiday upgrades make sense. With better and faster mobile devices like the latest tablets and smartphones, your employees can have what they need to do their jobs effectively wherever they happen to be. Such an expense is money well spent because you are improving your company’s capabilities while reducing its tax burden.

Through a free consultation, Zephyr Networks will examine your year-end technological needs and make specific recommendations about what upgrades to purchase before 2014 is over. If new equipment is needed, we will explain what is needed and why it is needed. As a new client, we will help integrate the new upgrades into your company’s technological culture and train your staff when needed.

Time To Take Action Is Now

holiday upgrades, zephyr networks

Your Holiday Upgrades Up & Running By 2015

An accountant friend of Zephyr Networks told us that Congress has not extended section 179 of the tax code that corresponds to accelerated depreciation. As a result, if businesses want to take advantage of accelerated depreciation they need to have the new hardware and software in place and functioning before midnight January 1st, 2015. Zephyr Networks can make this happen, and this is why we work through the holiday season, installing holiday upgrades of computer equipment and networking solutions. While you are on holiday, Zephyr Networks will be working to get your holiday upgrades up and running.

According to the accountant, cloud computing services could be a workaround. If your company signs up for cloud based services, colocation, virtual private servers, or dedicated servers before the end of 2014, your business does not have to put the entire investment on their books today. Still, since the Zephyr Network’s private cloud is already in place and operational, you can expense the entire licensing for cloud computing immediately. When it comes to holiday upgrades, this makes good sense. Please check with your company’s accounting firm to see if such an option works for you.

Call Zephyr Networks To Learn More

To learn more about holiday upgrades as 2014 comes to a close, please contact Zephyr Networks today by calling (800) 884-7559.


Disclaimer: Zephyr Networks is not an accounting firm so we are not offering any accounting direction, advice or feedback. We strongly recommend you consult with a licensed CPA to receive expert clarification about any points raised in this opinion piece. In addition, this article presents only a partial view of the subject matter. It does not claim or attempt to be comprehensive or perfectly accurate. Pursuant to U.S. Treasury Department Regulations, any federal tax commentary in this article is not intended or written to be used for the purpose of (i) avoiding tax-related penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax-related matters addressed herein.


8 Smartphones with Outstanding Battery Life

With so much of our lives revolving around communication, having a Smartphone has become a necessity.  But your device needs to keep a long-lasting charge.  With that in mind, here’s a list of 8 Smartphones with outstanding battery life.

Smartphone Talk Time Web Browsing

Total Time per charge

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


OnePlus One


Blackberry Passport


Huawei Ascend Mate 2


Nokia Lumia 1520


iPhone 6 Plus


Samsung Galaxy S5


Droid Turbo



*Amounts are listed in hours and based on manufacturer’s testing.

Apple’s New Call Forward Feature, Not So User Friendly

The noble idea in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite of making your Apple devices work together better turns continuity into annoyance.

Apple’s new call forwarding feature might not be so user friendly.  Answering messages and answering calls on whatever Apple device is convenient (your iPhone, iPad, or Mac) can be a headache.  For instance if a call comes in, it will ring to the iPhone first, then a few seconds later to the iPad and Mac.  Due to this delay, answering the call on your iPhone doesn’t stop the other devices from ringing.  And you can be left with multiple devices all ringing at once, creating a cacophony of sounds.

An easy solution, turn off notifications.

Go to System -> Preferences -> Notification -> Messages adjust the Messages alert style to None.  You can also turn off sounds from this same location, uncheck Play sound for Notification.

If you prefer to receive messages only to your iPhone you can turn off iMessages to your other devices.

To stop forwarding to iPad or turn the notification sound off

Settings -> Messages, switch off iMessage

Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Notification Sound -> None

Stopping iMessage on your Mac will disable all features, including send, receive, and read.

Messages -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Apple ID, uncheck Enable this Account