June 2, 2020

Zephyr Managed Services (Z-MS)

Z-MS Managed IT services are packages of flexible, proactive solutions to help your company focus on your core mission. Our Z-MS services strive to provide personalized preventative maintenance and monitoring to keep your systems and your employees up and running. Our Z-MS packages are available in the following categories:

I.“Monitoring+” – Zephyr Networks monitors core servers. These packages include prepaid consulting.



II.“Proactive+” – Zephyr Networks monitors, maintains and fixes problems should they occur.



Ask a Zephyr Networks representative which Z-MS service is right for you. Each package can be personalized to fit your company’s needs. Additional “Á La Carte” options are also available.

“Monitoring+” Personalized Service

For a predictable, monthly subscription price, a small program will be placed on your servers to enable Zephyr Networks to monitor your core network systems from our remote services center. We can identify any number of problems with your IT resources — from a downed server to dwindling capacity in your servers’ hard drives, and much more. With this level of service, you can rest assured that at the first sign of technology trouble you (or your IT team) will be notified without delay should any problems arise. In addition, our consultants work directly with you, giving you the personalized attention to help your company take advantage of technology in order to help make your business more productive.

“Proactive+” Personalized Network Support

Not performing regular and proactive maintenance of your computer systems, be it desktops or servers, is a major cause of problems such as viruses, spyware, machines running slow and overall network downtime. The net result of this lack of preventive maintenance is productivity losses, possible data loss as well as paying huge bills to get problems fixed. Z-MS Proactive+ is a low cost, fixed fee service that proactively monitors and maintains your network with the goal of proactively preventing IT problems – leading to less downtime, higher end user productivity and lower technical support costs.

Zephyr Networks’ “Premiere” and “Ultimate” packages include all the “Monitoring+” features above plus server and/or desktop maintenance to make sure your systems are running at peak performance with automatic remediation of issues discovered while monitoring. The “Ultimate” package includes a full U.S. based help desk solution staffed 24 hours a day regardless of where you are traveling.

Zephyr Z-MS Proactive+ Solutions include:

Performance, Availability & Predictive Failure Monitoring² – Zephyr Networks will utilize a monitoring system designed to track the availability and performance of critical networking components, including designated servers, and managed networking gear (e.g. routers, firewalls, managed switches, etc.). The monitoring system will provide Zephyr Networks with real time alerts that will be promptly responded to and remediated. The system will also allow for the periodic production of reports which will be made available to the Client.

Patch Monitoring & Management – Zephyr Networks will utilize a system that will monitor the operating system patch levels of known systems that run approved operating systems and are connected to the network. This includes servers, desktop workstations, and laptop/notebook computers. Zephyr Networks is also able to monitor and manage patch levels of Microsoft Office applications, and certain critical Microsoft back office server based applications such as Exchange and SQL Server.

Antivirus Service, Definition Monitoring & Management – Z-MS Proactive+ services include optional antivirus for servers and antivirus and antispyware for desktops. Zephyr Networks will utilize a system that monitors antivirus definition levels of all known systems.

System Administration – Basic system administration is included as part of this package. Basic system administration tasks include such actions as resetting passwords, assisting with basic shared folder creation and the associated permissions, creating and removing users from the user directory, adding a printer to an existing workstation, minor software updates, etc.

System Maintenance – Basic maintenance tasks are included as part of this package. Each maintenance task is performed utilizing the most expedient and unobtrusive method available, including automatic/remote, manual/remote, and manual/on-site.

Help Desk & Emergency Support – (Ultimate only) Contact our support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with system or application problems.

Monthly Review Meetings – Monthly meetings will be held to review monitoring reports and service requests, discuss priorities for the following quarter, and to asses the overall satisfaction of the services being provided.

Z-MS “Proactive+” Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Back Office Support includes remote Server (and/or Desktop) maintenance and remediation services at flat monthly rates. There are no additional maintenance charges. Zephyr Networks watches Server alerts, filters the data, does the problem analysis and also remediates the problems remotely on a best effort basis. All this is done without the intervention of your staff.
  • Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24×7 availability using Remote Monitoring and Management of Windows or Linux Servers – including applications.
  • Reductions of your operational costs are achieved because you have a staff of hundreds of specialists supporting your networks’ unique programs and configuration.
  • You will have a competitive advantage because you can budget a flat rate for IT maintenance. Our services are delivered under stringent SLA’s uncommon for Small and Medium Size Businesses.
  • Worry less about your network focus more on your business and your life.
  • Packages include discounted project and/or integration consultation labor.