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A Note From Our President: Zephyr’s New Service Offering

by Marc Winger

Here at Zephyr, we are always staying on top of new technology and the changing cybersecurity environment. As we move into the next quarter, I wanted to share some exciting updates with you.

2020 has been challenging, but the Zephyr Team looks at challenges as an opportunity to become better.

As Zephyr, we feel empowered. Our skills and processes are needed now more than ever. We have the expertise, the process, and the passion to keep our clients equipped with everything necessary for a consistent, secure infrastructure as we transition into the new modern workplace.

I’m thrilled to announce that Zephyr has a new service offering, Armament Security. Armament Security will support our clients in our new diversified, complex security environments with the appropriate security posture level. Depending on your security requirements, Zephyr Networks is offering two security levels of Armament Security- Armament Pro and Armament Premium.

Zephyr’s mission is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering intelligent technology solutions that empower our clients to focus on what makes their business successful. Though we have met this standard, we are continually looking to adapt and improve as a team in order to keep up with the changing It landscape.

Zephyr is adopting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Zephyr Armament Security programs with the Zephyr Armament processes, addresses many items within the NIST Framework.

Our Armament Security offering programs are integrated with Zephyr Network’s Technology Success Partner Program’s remote management platform and supported by our 24/7 human staffed Security Operations Center (SOC). This will allow you to know that the all the necessary resources are focused on securing your business’s information and you are well protected.

The Security Operations Center enables us to provide our clients real‐time alerting and remediation of ransomware, malware and security alerts. For companies handling proprietary or confidential information, this service will allow us to ensure every precaution is taken and any threats are swiftly addressed.

Our decision to invest in Zephyr’s Armament Security’s new processes and protections is strategic and made with today’s current threats our clients in mind. Zephyr Networks has seen a significant rise in cybercriminal activity and attacks as companies reposition and move towards a more modern workplace. Additionally, businesses have become subject to stricter compliance requirements. Zephyr’s Armament Security will be an essential part of your business compliance and satisfies many requirements of compliance.

We know that we can help guide, protect, and secure your business with these new skills and tools.

I am grateful for our fantastic team of experts who have been working hard to learn and test this service, keeping us at the forefront of managed cybersecurity.