About Zephyr

A Little Bit About Zephyr Networks. Our Roots, Our Vision, and How That Makes Us Different.

About Us

Marc Winger and Eric Monroe, two technology professionals with a passion for the open ocean, founded Zephyr Networks in 1998 with a particular mission; prevent bad things from happening to good businesses.

As one of the first preventative technology management providers in Southern California, Zephyr Networks operated on a methodology designed to predict software and hardware problems and prevent them from happening – not just fix things when they break.

Not only do you need to be able to monitor threats, but you need to have an educated team that knows what behaviors will lead to preventable consequences.

Marc Winger, Co-Founder

Drawing on their experience as lifeguards and professional sailboat racers, Marc and Eric understood early on in their career that real safety and protection require a combination of skill, knowledge, and perspective. In essence, it takes both of these things to predict and prevent disaster. Like steering a sailboat into open water, one must be able to make educated decisions in an unpredictable environment to arrive at their anticipated destination.

At Zephyr Networks, we do just that for our partners – and we’ve been doing it for the last 25 years.

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We were putting our clients in the ‘Cloud’ before the term was coined.

Eric Monroe, Co-Founder

By leveraging dynamic processes for regular maintenance, partners are empowered to focus on their core business while the Zephyr team operates mission-critical technology operations. Over the last 25 years, Zephyr Networks has been improving productivity and preventing downtime and cybercrime across Southern California, building loyal partnerships with deep roots.

These roots have become the core culture at Zephyr Networks. Any professional sailboat racer knows that teamwork, efficiency, and looking ahead for the next wind shift are essentials for success on the racecourse. Lifeguards understand that working with the elements, proper training, and preventative measures help prevent most foreseeable problems and keep people safe.

The Zephyr team translates that knowledge today into processes and documentation that ensure constant vigilance and long term success for their customers.

These concepts have become the backbone of the Zephyr Networks culture and the guide rails for their customers’ continued success. Let Zephyr Networks help you navigate your business safely into the harbor of success.

How We’re Different

There are a lot of things that make Zephyr Networks stand out from its peers. We could talk about how we have our own data center and private cloud, things most organizations outsource, which give us additional security and flexibility with our work. That’s one distinct advantage. We could also talk about the way we take the lessons learned from lifeguarding and sailing—the importance of strategy and managing the little things—and apply them to IT management. That’s a unique selling point, one that demonstrates proof-of-concept across multiple applications. We could also talk about how we send our helpdesk personnel to each of our clients once a year to maintain a higher level of personal communication as part of our high-quality services. We could also talk about our extensive internet service provider and data center experience. We also pride ourselves in the increased productivity of clients staff by helping provide continued technical education, quick computer systems, and reduced support incidents.

Where many IT services and IT security providers focus on a reactive approach to problems—antivirus software that deletes the virus after it’s in the system, or haphazard data recovery plans that aim to minimize the damage caused by a data breach after it happens—we at Zephyr Networks take a proactive and preventative approach. We make it our goal to make your system as robust as possible, so that disaster is less likely to strike in the first place. If disaster does strike, we will make sure you can recover as fast as possible.

All of those things are things we do differently, things that set Zephyr Networks apart. But the single biggest thing that sets Zephyr apart from other providers is our philosophy. Our customer-centric focus, allows us to really learn and get to know about the businesses we work with. We are then able to align our goals with our customers’ goals building a strategic partnership designed to succeed together.

Environmental Responsibility and Giving Back

Zephyr Networks has long had a focus on environmental responsibility and giving back to our community. Specifically, we work with local charities Patriots and Paws and Heroes Deserve Help. These charities help make computers available to veterans in need. If we are unable to donate a cleaned, used computer or electronic device, we work with our local recycling companies to do secure on-site data destruction and responsible recycling as part of our service. Our clients just let us know what old electronics they want to remove from their offices, and we make sure that old equipment gets responsibly taken care of. We then give the secure destruction certificates back to our clients if needed.

Our Vision / Our Mission

Zephyr’s mission is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering intelligent technology solutions that empower them to focus on what makes them successful.

We offer value through long term relationships built upon exemplary service and strategic planning. We want to increase our client’s productivity and provide peace of mind with our world-class results. More than both of those, we want to consistently exceed expectations placed on us by others, and by ourselves. Every company will claim that they value integrity and doing the right thing, and that is true of Zephyr Networks as well. But in addition to trust, honesty, teamwork, accountability, quality, and transparency, we offer partnership. Zephyr aspires to be the trusted Technology Success Partner (TSP) of choice delivering intelligent, secure and reliable IT strategies and solutions to service businesses who value the exponential opportunities offered through technology.

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