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Our Armament Suite of Security Solutions is Designed to Help Guide You and Protect Your Business.

Armament Suite of Security Solutions

Secure your business IT with Zephyr’s Armament Suite of Security Solutions

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The cyber-threat landscape is complex, uncompromising, and swiftly evolving. Consequently, 66% of small- to medium-sized businesses have experienced a cyberattack within the last year – a number that is expected to double in the next four years.

Not only can this disrupt normal operations as well as cost your company an enormous sum of money to either pay a ransom and/or recover, but it can also cause irreparable destruction to your IT assets and infrastructure unless you have the budget and resources necessary. In addition, falling victim to hacking can also damage your company’s reputation and affect consumer trust in your company overall.

No Security solution can guarantee that you will not be attacked.  However, with Zephyr Networks Armament Suite of Security Solutions, we can significantly reduce your attack surface and recovery time.

Arming Your IT

Our Armament Suite of Security Solutions is designed to help guide you and protect you. Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF) as a base, we build a robust security plan for your business that includes the following components: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. These phases encompass a continuous lifecycle on a continuum that defend your company and proactively protect it from current and future risks.

The Armament process begins with an assessment of your business and provides insights into your security gaps. Beginning with your internal network and expanding to your cloud resources, this includes a vulnerability assessment, endpoint and user risk data, patch analysis and an overall risk score.

Zephyr Networks Armament Suite of Security Solutions includes SentinelOne® endpoint security for all its clients. SentinelOne® is an industry leader in the arena of endpoint protection, detection, and response (EDR) delivering cutting-edge malware detection and prevention for devices and in the cloud. Commonly known as antivirus, Zephyr’s integrated EDR (Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response) includes 24/7 monitoring, incident response and remediation by a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), and if you are part of our TSP program, we include security awareness education and training.

Detecting a breach before it happens can make or break your business. With advanced detection monitoring, Zephyr’s Armament Suite of Security Solutions examines network traffic 24/7 watching for potential threats and suspicious activity. Malicious activity will be blocked and investigated. We partner with you to help your business define and test security policies and procedures. Regular meetings ensure your business can adapt and improve with security landscape changes.

If you do experience a cyberattack, an incident response plan will be in place to contain the impact. This includes a comprehensive response framework that combines Perch Security, a first-class threat detection and response platform, 24/7 next-generation Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM), and a Security Operations Center (SOC) component to provide 360-degree protection.

The final cycle of defense in the battle against cybercrime comprises a rock-solid backup and business continuity plan. Our Armament Suite of Security Solutions incorporates rollback tools included in SentinelOne® with strategies to identify the source so it can be removed. Rollback will restore any data, functionalities, or services damaged due to a cyberattack.

Zephyr Networks designs backup solutions as a part of our TSP and Armament services, however, they are not included in the Armament Suite of Security Solutions. We strongly recommend integrating desktop, server, cloud backup, and disaster recovery systems that include multiple daily secure backups and recurring tests to ensure recoverability so you can feel confident that your backups are reliable and that when all else fails, you can ensure your recovery.

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