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Zephyr Networks Highlights The Benefits of Virtualization for Small Business Owners

by Marc Winger

Can a small business benefit from virtualization? Having started as a small business, Zephyr Networks has a unique understanding of what small-business owners need to run their businesses efficiently. Virtualization is a virtual – as opposed to actual – version of a technology like hardware, software, an operating system or even a network. With virtualization, special software is used to allow a server, for example, to run several operating systems simultaneously. Without a doubt, virtualization is the wave of the future.

Virtualization – The Wave Of The Future

Server virtualization provides a small business with far more versatility than traditional direct on hardware solutions. At the same time, if its implemented right, your precious company data is protected. One server can be “divided” to accommodate multiple tenants each in it’s own virtual compartment. Virtualization maximizes server capacity, reducing the number of servers needed.

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Virtualization Helps

In-house virtualization, however, does not free a company from the typical administrative overheads required for managing physical servers. By working with the virtualization experts at Zephyr Networks, however, such freedom is attained. As a managed IT services provider, Zephyr Networks takes on the responsibility of monitoring and managing the virtual servers of our clients by placing the responsibility on the shoulders of well trained IT professionals.

Virtualization also will cut down on your energy consumption, lowering a company’s monthly electricity bill and promoting a green-oriented approach. For a small-business owner, such minor savings can mean a lot in the long run, especially if the business is located in an area with high energy costs. In addition, the green approach reflects positively on a company’s public image.

A Key Benefit of Virtualization

A key benefit of virtualization is reliable business continuity and disaster recovery. Business continuity is about quickly recovering from things like power outages and server crashes. Even more extreme, fires, theft and natural disasters like earthquakes and floods often happen without warning.

What would happen if the important files of your business were stored on in-house servers that got destroyed in an earthquake or a fire? With virtualization, that becomes less of a worry, especially if you conduct regular checks to ensure that your data is being properly backed up. Data recovery strategies is a specialty of Zephyr Networks. If disaster strikes, a company is less likely to lose essential information and services, thus minimizing any subsequent downtime.

A useful feature of server virtualization is something called live migration, which reduces downtime. The beauty of live migration is that, in the event of a power outage or server failure, the virtual machine continues running while it is moved from one physical location to another, allowing you and your employees to remain productive and go about your usual business.

The Virtual Desktop A Growing Trend

The virtual desktop also is a growing trend in the business world. Known as client virtualization, desktop virtualization separates the desktop environment from the physical machine with the help of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Here again, this is where a managed IT services provider like Zephyr Networks can be a big help. We offer a variety of virtualization solutions such as VDIs, and we are skilled at implementing and managing these solutions for your business.

With virtual desktop infrastructure, employees can access the company network from their laptops, tablets or smart devices. If you know other small-business owners who are already using virtualization in their companies, talk to them about the pluses and minuses. You will be surprised at how the benefits of virtualization greatly outweigh your fear of trying something new

Zephyr Networks & Virtualization

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce costs and your carbon footprint while increasing efficiency in one fell swoop?  Yes, implementing virtualization is a process, and introducing a virtual server solution into your small business will be executed by Zephyr Networks at a pace that works for you. Without questions, virtualization is the wave of the future, and Zephyr Networks wants to help your small to mid-sized business surf that wave into greater productivity and profitability. To learn more, please contact Zephyr Networks toll free at (800) 884-7559 or fill out our handy contact form.