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Business Continuity

by Marc Winger

Superstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods are increasingly common occurrences, even in regions that don’t typically prepare for natural disasters. Cities across the U.S. and their residents are taking extra precautions to prepare for the unimaginable, and your business should be no exception.

Maintaining operations and providing ongoing services and products to clients when your competitors are still struggling to respond gives your business the leading edge in customer satisfaction and confidence, ensuring the customer loyalty and referrals that are key to success.

The Economist addressed the urgency of Business Continuity planning in this article  Nov. 10, outlining Hurricane Sandy’s effect on business continuity when disaster struck the East Coast: “Sandy is the latest catastrophic event to test the readiness of the world’s leading firms to cope with disaster. Most firms have improved ‘business continuity’ preparations over the years…. (but) each new disaster tends to surprise firms that thought they had good plans in place.”

Don’t let your company be caught unprepared when disaster strikes. At Zephyr Networks, we have proactive solutions to your technology requirements. By partnering with you to ensure stability, operational maintenance, security, productivity and growth, we’ll keep your business running – even in the event of disaster.

Any Business Continuity plan should include a remote, off-site backup of your operating systems. Zephyr Networks can help you develop this plan, providing rapid recovery and personalized, tailored backup solutions for your company’s needs. Our Business Continuity services can have your IT system up and running in less than 30 minutes following a disaster or catastrophic system failure.

“Too many firms underinvest in planning for disaster because they don’t think it will pay, at least within the short-term timeline by which many now operate,” The Economist reports.

As soon as your company is back up and running thanks to a solid Business Continuity plan, you’re ahead of your competition, solving customer’s problems in less time, and gaining that all-important competitive advantage.

Don’t let your business fall victim to risk – contact Zephyr Networks today to learn how we will not only keep your company afloat, but safely steer you to stability, security, and growth. Call 800-884-7559 or use our handy contact form here.