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Business IT Agility

September 23, 2022

Business IT Agility

Agility: the ability to move quickly and easily.

While IT Agility is a much sought-after ideal, Zephyr Networks finds this methodology can be elusive for small and medium businesses.  IT employees overwhelmed with day-to-day issues, have little time for strategic planning.  IT scalability, flexibility and security assessments can be difficult to prioritize.

Zephyr Networks offers extensive hands-on expertise in small/medium business IT agility.  Working in partnership with IT, the Zephyr Networks team helps build operational value and navigate future changes. Zephyr Networks ensures IT agility isn’t just a wish, but a reality.

How does Zephyr Networks assist with the creation and implementation of scalable architecture to meet growing business needs?

6 Steps to IT Agility:

1. Begin with the end in mind

  • Have a vision and continue to steer towards it
  • Build a map that delivers agile solutions for today and the future

2. Streamline

  • Create standards to decrease cluttered environments
  • Identify and control application sprawl

3. Automate

  • Identify and Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Apply straight through processing

4. Retain Talent

  • Provide workplace flexibility
  • Offer regular training
  • Continuously build skills and expertise

5. Balance agility and control

  • Embrace controlled flexibility
  • Allow for employee input

6. Be forward-thinking

  • Incorporate emerging needs
  • Apply scalability with the future in mind

What can you and your business expect from successful IT agility implementation?

  • Ability to respond quickly to business/customer needs
  • Streamlined IT maintenance and monitoring
  • Higher employee retention
  • More flexibility and efficiency in addressing changing IT needs
  • Incorporation of innovative solutions
  • New product offerings
  • Increased business value

Zephyr Networks is your Technology Success Partner.  We help solve problems, encourage growth and create the best possible outcomes for your business’ IT.  Stability, security and optimization are incorporated in our holistic approach to success. 

Let us tell you more about how Zephyr Networks is helping businesses like yours achieve IT agility.  


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