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Everything You Need to Know About IoT Devices, And Why You Should Implement Them in Your Business

We are all ingraining ourselves into an Internet of Things (IoT) world that, for the most part, benefits everyone – improving efficiency and keeping us connected to the devices and people that are important to us.  With the advancement of technology, almost every aspect of our lives generates data and sends us information over the […]

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How to Establish Work From Home Policies for Cybersecurity

For many businesses, work from home has moved from temporary to permanent. Business owners see the benefits of adopting a remote business model- lower overheads, increased team productivity, flexibility, less headache, etc. However, when businesses first started going remote many implemented temporary measures to allow their employees to work from home. These interim measures worked […]

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Is Remote Work More Valuable Than We Thought?

So What Does the Data Show About Remote Work Environments? At this point, we’ve all become acquainted with the nuances of remote work environments. We’re working from home, relying on virtual desktops, collaborative tools like Teams, and filesharing tools like OneDrive and Sharepoint. The “how” of things is fairly well understood by now, but that […]

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A Trusted IT Resource Can Help Your Organization Rapidly Adjust For Remote Working Environments

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is causing businesses around the world to reexamine their operational structure. Companies now need to plan and prepare for employees in remote working environments without any interruption to normal business functions, if they plan to stay competitive and productive. If you find you and your company are facing these decisions, Zephyr […]

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