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Co-Managed IT Services

Zephyr is a World-class managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) with a comprehensive set of products, services, and solutions available to help Clients achieve their business technology goals. Throughout our 25-year history, Zephyr has learned what it takes to be successful and has specifically tailored its services to meet and exceed Client expectations.

Technology Success Partnership (TSP) Services

Technology. Solutions. Security. Support. Success!
Comprehensive “Co-Managed” IT Support Services Option:
IT Service and Support Combined with Cybersecurity and Risk Management and a Dedication to Service Excellence.
Zephyr Networks' award-winning co-managed IT services, through our Technology Success Partner Co-Managed (TSP-CM) program, provide a comprehensive and proactive technology partnership for your business.

We offer an alternative option to our standard Technology Success Partner (TSP) program that is tailored for those clients that may have an existing internal IT staff. Our Technology Success Partner Co-Managed (TSP-CM) program adds a collaborative "shared responsibility" model to compliment and work in conjunction with your internal or existing IT support staff.

Together with your in-house IT team, the "Z Team" extends to your organization more than just IT assistance, but also a committed IT partner to help you exceed your business objectives.

Our specialized TSP-CM program reflects our standard TSP offering in terms of the wide array of services for managing and safekeeping your technology framework. We play a supporting role to your existing IT personnel while offering a host of managed services to complement their efforts including network designing, security auditing, cybersecurity measures, and software license management. The crucial difference with our TSP-CM services is it excludes day-to-day helpdesk support. Your internal IT team will continue to manage this aspect, while Zephyr Networks focuses on critical areas like monitoring and managing business systems, cybersecurity, disaster recovery planning, compliance standards, and more.
Our TSP-CM plan includes security training and awareness, to help build a "Human Firewall" for enhanced protection against threats. Additionally, our planning services involve a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to work in liaison with your IT team for budgeting, optimizing network design, and understanding technology's influence on your business.

Our Distinct Co-Managed Approach

Our unique TSP-CM program is tailored to mirror our standard TSP program but with a "shared responsibility". We manage to team up with your IT personnel in a dedicated technology partnership, tackling challenges, forestalling possible concerns, and driving business growth and efficiency.
Zephyr Networks Managed Service Provider What is an MSSP

Customizable and Business-Centric Services

We refrain from the conventional "one-size-fits-all" approach and offer customized IT support aligning with your unique business requirements, except for help desk support.

Beyond The Usual IT Support

The Zephyr Networks' co-managed IT service surmounts the traditional IT support framework, offering vast gains including cost-effective solutions, flexibility, expert guidance, enhanced cybersecurity, and increased return on investment. We extend potent cybersecurity and risk management strategies as a next-gen MSP and MSSP, ensuring unparalleled protection for your IT systems.

We align our IT support with your business objectives, ensuring seamless integration of traditional MSP and MSSP functionalities within our unique co-managed offering. The promise we deliver is improved operational efficiency and profitability, backed by our award-winning solutions.

Testimonial: Exemplary Client Experience

"Engaging Zephyr Networks' co-managed services has brought about remarkable improvement in our operational efficiency and cost savings. Their expertise in cybersecurity and risk management has strengthened our systems security. Truly, their service stands out from the competition."
Satisfied Zephyr Networks Client
Partnering with Zephyr Networks means collaborating for success. As your business navigates through the complexities of IT, our co-managed services provide the right blend of expertise and customer service along with our unique proposition that does not include help desk support, a feature distinguishing us from most competitors.

Our place on the MSP 501 list as one of the best Managed IT Service Providers globally and our dedication as a TruMethod’s Winner’s Circle member confirms our unrivaled commitment to service excellence and cybersecurity risk management.

Encompassing Co-Managed Support Services

Zephyr Networks' co-managed support extends to businesses with internal IT staff requiring external expertise in cybersecurity, infrastructure management, and strategic IT planning, except help desk support.

Apart from steering clear from the more common mainstream IT services, our TSP-CM program extends advanced managed services characterized by seamless integration with your in-house team, leading to optimal utilization of technology aligned to your business objectives. By eliminating the helpdesk support that is typically found in standard managed services, Zephyr Networks provides a truly innovative approach to IT management.

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Security

Our co-managed services aim to revolutionize your operational landscape by streamlining workflows and enhancing cybersecurity measures. While your in-house IT team focuses on day-to-day operations, we focus on the essential elements requiring a high degree of specialization, such as cybersecurity, compliance management, and disaster recovery. Our unique model offers a level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness unparalleled among traditional MSP offerings.

Gaining An Edge with Our Co-Managed Support

When you opt for the TSP-CM program, you get more than just an external IT service provider—you get a technological edge against competition. This advantage stems from our expertise as an industry leader in cybersecurity and risk management. Our TruMethods Winner's Circle membership and standing in the MSP and MSSP community are a testament to our commitment to service excellence.

As a next-generation provider, we leverage advanced technological solutions to augment your existing IT team's proficiency and capacity. From strategic planning to the implementation of business-critical systems, our co-management services provide the comprehensive support you need to propel your business growth.

Partner with the Best in IT

"Our partnership with Zephyr Networks has paid immense dividends for our company. Their co-managed services have truly transformed us into a nimble and threat-resilient organization. Their unique delivery model has fitted seamlessly into our operation without the unnecessary overhead of helpdesk support."
- Grateful Zephyr Networks Client
Zephyr Networks Managed Service Provider What is an MSP

Ranked Among the Best in The World!

Our inclusion in the 2023’s Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings validates our ceaseless dedication to service excellence.
Channel Futures has ranked Zephyr Networks (Zephyr) , among the very best in the world (#288) in one of the industry’s most prestigious annual rankings which lists the top 501 MSPs worldwide. Channel Futures designated Zephyr as an “Elite Managed Service Provider”. This honor manifests our consistent delivery of high-quality services, adherence to stern standards, and continual progress in enhancing our service provision.
Zephyr Networks Technology Success Partner (TSP) Co-Managed Logo

Complete Co - Managed IT Support Services

Be part of the revolution! Embrace the competitive advantage of co-management with Zephyr Networks. Our award-winning IT support is readily available to provide the technology expertise your business needs, while redefining the traditional norms of IT delivery through our innovative non-include help desk support approach.

Your Technology Success Partner, Zephyr Networks,
is here to deliver Comprehensive IT Support and Solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Zephyr Networks was in "the cloud" long before the term existed.  We offer deep knowledge and expertise with cloud solutions from Azure and AWS; to provide cloud solutions located right here in Orange County!
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Cybersecurity isn't something you can "buy". Cybersecurity is built. Then it must be maintained with vigilance while balancing business needs against emerging threats and potential risks.
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Backup & DR

Zephyr Networks offers proven and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions and services to ensure your data, systems, and your business are always properly protected.  It provides recoverability and business continuity.
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Zephyr networks has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate your industry specific IT Compliance requirements; related to business systems, controls and processes. We can help you manage it as well!
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Ready for a Better IT Service & Support Experience?

For over 25 years, we built our reputation by simply providing the best IT service and support to businesses like yours throughout Southern California!
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Best In Class Service and Support
Best-In-Class Service & Support
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Best-In-Class Service & Support
Performance Driven Metrics
Performance-Driven Metrics
Cybersecurity Driven Approach
Cybersecurity-Driven Approach
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Complete Managed Cybersecurity
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Industry Compliance Expertise
Industry Thought Leadership
Industry Thought Leadership
Fast and Responsive Service
Fast & Responsive Service
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Dedicated To Your Success
Co-Managed Services Available
Co-Managed Services Available
Cloud Solutions Specialists
Cloud Services Specialists
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Goodbye Long-Term Contracts!

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