Our Solutions

Our Co-Managed IT Services Consist of Flexible, Proactive Solutions Designed to Match your Business Needs.

Co-Managed IT Services and Support

When your business experiences accelerated growth, the technology workload can quickly increase to the point where you find the IT Team is overwhelmed.

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Co-management takes the burden off of your IT department so they are able to do the tasks and projects they are highly skilled in. Zephyr Networks can provide the technical support to match any need. If you have existing IT Staff but find these resources are limited by experience and time, our Co-Managed Technology Success Platform provides:

  • A path to escalate issues to level 3, certified and experienced IT consultants
  • IT Personnel backup for extended absences or turnover
  • Frees up IT personnel to focus on business initiatives
  • An alternative to the antagonistic relationships with other vendors
  • Great exposure to problem-solving solutions using our staff’s various specializations and deeper breadth of knowledge
  • Access to our stack of proven technology platforms, tools, and systems only available through our channels and experience
  • Access to our Design Desk for intricate network and internetwork planning and implementation
  • Access to our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) program and leaders to assist with budget planning designed to deliver long-term strategic outcomes

Next Level Support

Zephyr Networks’ focus on proactive solutions means that we want to be your technology partner. Your staff handles the “soon to be quiet” helpdesk. We assist your staff to maintain a stable infrastructure and then focus on partnering with you to grow your business and plan for the long term. Our Co-Managed IT services consist of flexible, proactive solutions designed to match your business. Including centralized monitoring, patch management, and maintenance, monthly quantifiable technology alignment with standards set together with your goals and your team so you know where you stand at our regularly scheduled vCIO meetings.

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Benefits of Co-Managed IT

More productivity: With a co-management approach, IT support is available 24×7 even if your in-house staff is on vacation or taking sick leave. This increased responsiveness can reduce downtime and in turn, increase employee productivity.

Lower costs: We provide co-management IT services for a fixed monthly fee, offering businesses greater predictability in terms of IT expenses as well as lower overall IT costs and reduced overhead.

Increased security: With outsourcing to a co-managed service provider comes the benefit of that provider’s access to the latest technology and IT best practices. This reduces the burden on your in-house staff of having to stay abreast of emerging IT security threats and ensures that your company has the best protection possible.

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Years of Experience

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so it’s safe to assume that we’ve seen variations of any problem you might have before. We have been able to tweak and improve our processes over many years, and we have the experience to solve problems in a consistent and satisfactory way.