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A Poetic Look At The Cryptolocker Virus By Doug Breskow

by Marc Winger

From The Crypt

 — A Halloween Poem by Doug Beskow 

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Ghosts, goblins, headless horsemen don’t scare,
Not even the man with horns and flaming red hair.
Jack ‘O’ Lanterns, skeletons and skin head punk rocker,
Won’t give you fear like Cryptolocker.

It’s not walking dead or some scary grave yard,
But a real computer virus that hits really hard.
It comes as an email from DHS, UPS or FedEx,
And encrypts your files and then with might to flex,
Demands a ransom of 3 to $700 in four days,
Or else files, data and pictures disappear in a haze.

Cryptolocker is real and this Halloween you should feel,
Not fear of witches, goblins and other unreal,
But, Cryptolocker virus because it is real!