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Digital Employee Experience

by Leslie Pumper

Poor Digital Employee Experience (DEX) can be a Root Cause of Employee Attrition

As an IT services provider, Zephyr Networks meets many business employees who struggle with difficult digital experience.  Poor digital employee experience (DEX) can reduce productivity, lessen morale and increase frustration. For many reasons, internal IT personnel are not able to adequately resolve these issues. The net result can be increased employee attrition.

As a small/medium business owner or IT manager, it is important to be familiar with the most prevalent digital employee experience (DEX) issues.  They include:

Digital Employee Experience Security and Regulations

Security and Regulatory Policies

Security and regulatory policies should be fully compliant and regularly monitored.  However, it’s important not to overburden the end user. Employees must be able to perform their digital tasks. 

Digital Employee Experience Overwhelmed IT

Overwhelmed IT Personnel

Tasks become reactive when IT is overwhelmed.  Problems are solved with the “quick fixes” that inevitably backfire. In this situation, lack of forward-thinking reduces access to currently available digital solutions.

Lack of IT Training

The less training available, the less effective IT personnel will be.  As a result, issues take longer to identify and resolve. Actions may not be properly documented or followed through. Solutions may be inappropriate or incorrect. It is a direct contributor to poor DEX.

Hybrid and Remote Employees

DEX is critical for remote employees. To that end, digital tools such as; communications, hardware, security, software, etc., must be configured for this environment. Remote workers require prompt, effective IT support for issues that occur.

Zephyr Networks has proven expertise in providing significant digital employee experience (DEX) improvements for small and medium businesses.

Zephyr Network’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) improvement solutions include:

Co-Managed IT Services and Support

Zephyr Networks’ co-management service lessens the burdens of your IT department. In partnership with Zephyr Networks IT experts, your IT personnel will be able to perform tasks proactively. They can schedule necessary training. Employee DEX will markedly increase.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Zephyr Networks takes a holistic approach to security. Cybersecurity compliance is our top priority. We understand the risks that are prevalent in today’s information infrastructure and how to minimize them.

Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage Solutions

Workforce mobility and remote collaboration provides exceptional competitive advantages to any business. Zephyr Networks helps you acquire both these advantages with a cloud-based solution designed for your actual needs.