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10 Best Practice Suggestions for Common Smartphone Threats

by Marc Winger

Originally posted in Dell SMB News (@DellSMBnews) now published here for the benefit of Zephyr clients:

10 Best Practice Suggestions for Common Smartphone Threats

Today’s smartphones and tablets represent the easiest means for a hacker to gain access to
your corporate network. According to security vendor McAfee, the number of pieces of mobile
malware grew by 46 percent in 2010, many of them on Nokia Symbian and Google Android™
platforms. At the same time, Forester Research reports that 37 percent of workers recently
surveyed said they’ve used their own smartphones for work.

Smartphones lack an operating system as robust as a Windows® or Linux®. So protecting the
devices is much more difficult as they have fewer API’s and functionality. Organized crime and
nation states are focusing on smartphones since it’s much easier to get the data they want. In
this white paper we will discuss some of the most common threats and suggest high level best
practices that will help mitigate risks.

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