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IT Audit

July 10, 2024

IT Audit

Are you currently facing IT challenges within your business? It's crucial to address any gaps in your technology processes to ensure smooth operations and security. So how do businesses identify IT “gaps?” One of the best ways to identify “gaps” is to compare your business processes to a compliance framework. Even if your company is not bound to adhere to any compliance framework like HIPPA or CMMC, there are many frameworks that are designed just for helping to protect your business and the technology you maintain.

At Zephyr Networks, we specialize in using compliance frameworks to help identify IT gaps and to tailor solutions that fit your specific needs and budget. Our team of experts can help you identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance your IT infrastructure because compliance is a journey, not just and end goal.

By adhering to a framework like the Center for Internet Security, you would be proactively addressing technology gaps, better preparing yourself for any cyber event, improving efficiency, and enhancing cybersecurity measures. The under-reported benefit is the potential to improve sales as many of your clients are probably looking for trustable vendors that adhere to a compliance framework be that framework SOC2 or FINRA. Don't wait for problems to arise – let Zephyr Networks guide you in fortifying your IT processes for long-term success.

Contact Zephyr Networks today to learn more about how we can help bolster your business's IT capabilities. Let's work together to strengthen your technology foundation and drive growth.

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