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The main idea of this poem can be expressed

by Marc Winger

The main idea of this poem can be expressed as follows man is born free, will not withstand the loss of freedom. The main character who was captured, have the best living conditions Rich Palace, the best food. She had all dreams of a modern woman, but in captivity it had any value. It is important to understand in our time. Many people become miserable and suffer, but if you lose freedom here, it becomes obvious that all these causes were insignificant and ridiculous.

It is important to understand that man is not only the need for food and clothing. It is also a necessity of self-realization, self-expression and self-awareness read more. Very bright essays on the subject can be read here. Here is a list of excellent graduation works of students from Korea on this subject: click, click, click, click, click. The next question which is to affect this philological analysis of the work here. The author successfully captures the life and mood of the barbarians with the help of speech turns. The phonetics of this work is a fascinating example. It is a combination of two cultures. The author used a combination of modern language and phrases of the time. Turned out surprisingly poetic work here.

If you compare with the ideas of the contemporary authors we can see some similarities. Here’s a great example of modern articles on the subject:,,,,, read more, read more, read more, read more, read more, read more, read more, here, here

The main tool used by modern poets it is certainly a difficult rhythms which are repeated in a certain way click. Important detail is of course the refrain and blank verse. Drama which prevalere in the context of the modern author is associated with the loss of spiritual values in society. and division in society. People become so different here. This is a horrible trend and only cultural heritage that can save us. Or rather its study and understanding is not only narrow specialists here. We all need to break away from the technical achievements, and access the spiritual and cultural achievements. Even if it’s not always profitable for us.