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main news this week I read from

by Marc Winger

The main news this week I read from this site The resource is interesting and deserves attention. Here are a couple of links to his news. We talked a lot with you about new cars and of course the best stuff here. Look at this site. All I read is absolute nonsense. The author generally likes to watch TV. What did he say?! How is it possible at all to read quietly. I did not even bother to argue with him in comments.

But quite the opposite resource this site. The author very carefully talks about the current problems in the market of the rural supply this site. Highly recommend to all. Speaking about the environment you can not go past this article. Be sure to write your impressions or questions.

Friends, you often ask me about new research in the field of global warming and I will soon write about this review. But still I advise you to read these interesting views here. 3 great articles on this topic (,,

I have been interested in the phenomenon of hybrid engines. Many find it interesting and useful. here I advise you to read.

Today talked a lot about this with my good friend, here is his website. We had a long argument and nobody wanted to understand the other link. I could never make him yield, because he completely ignored the issues of air pollution here. He was not interested in the someone else’s life and someone else’s health this site. I have not been able to prove to him and gave read those link. The most interesting of course you can find here.

Many people write about this great review. I wonder how with such an abundance of material can be ignored such important issues. here I share with all the references, it’s very high quality material, 1, 2, 3.

And lastly I want to tell an interesting story that I read here. This is a story about a man here who did not pay money for work on the construction link. A long time he asked what he owed, but he was ignored and as that time he took a gun link. During the meeting he drew a weapon and sent to the Director of the company here. The fear fled and crashed into a cupboard, fell and lost consciousness here. Then this man was arrested and sentenced to probation link. His money he never received. Why so unfair? Why do people allow themselves not to pay for the services of others here and