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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Zephyr Networks offers proven and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions and services to ensure your data, systems, and your business are always properly protected.

Zephyr Networks provides recoverability and business continuity.
Zephyr Networks Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery:

Critical Services from a Leading IT Service Provider

Zephyr Networks has always been an industry leader in the core competency of fortifying your business via our inclusive set of disaster recovery and business continuity services.

We have designed highly efficient and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions to always keep all your critical enterprise data backed-up, well-guarded, yet ready for recovery.

Our Priority:
Fostering Business Recovery Following a Technology or Environmental Crisis

In the dynamic universe of IT, vulnerabilities persist. Acknowledging the seriousness of potential disaster-scenarios, we provide a thoughtfully planned array of services, solutions, and support that protect you from system failures, data loss, ransomware threats and compliance issues. With us, you can rest assured that your data is always secure and your operations remain stable under any circumstances.

Decoding Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Understanding Policies and Procedures

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) involves a spectrum of policies and procedures focused on an organization's IT infrastructure. They are designed to guarantee operational continuity during and after a crisis, whether it’s natural disasters, cyber-attacks or even pandemics.

BC/DR programs work to: 

  • Minimize revenue loss
  • Reduce operational downtime
  • Guard against disaster-related data loss and corruption 
Zephyr Networks IT Z Team

Introducing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

A tool for backup and protection of resources on a cloud
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) employs cloud computing as a tool for backup and protection of resources on a cloud. This additional security measure shields you from potential disaster repercussions. In case of a complete system failure causing data loss, cloud-stored backup data ensures business continuity. Our knowledgeable team can help you understand this process better.
  • Details on Cloud Data Backup: A dependable server backup is an inevitable component of any data protection service. Servers store your data, applications, operating systems, and configurations and require high-level security. Our cutting-edge backup and disaster recovery services guarantee meticulous monitoring of your data changes and consistent cloud backup. In case of an unfortunate server crash, our Cloud Backup utilizes server and data snapshots to recover your data quickly.
  • Maximizing Cloud Backup and Recovery Efficacy: Our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions dramatically reduce downtime resulting from a system failover. Our hybrid-cloud backup model facilitates swift recovery, whether on-site or off-site.
  • Our Remote Storage Capabilities: Our approach is to first secure local snapshots of your servers and data, followed by encrypting and securely transferring these snapshots to a cloud-based datacenter. Here, they are stored in an immutable* and encrypted format. This method ensures triple-redundancy - one copy on your production system, one on a backup appliance, and a third in cloud storage.
*Immutable Backup-Explained: Immutable backup seals data from any changes or corruption. It's untouchable. That means ransomware attackers cannot modify or delete your data following an attack. If a ransomware catastrophe strikes, immutable backups empower reliable data recovery—that data hasn't been changed since the backup.

Our Backup and Recovery Provisions

We offer data protection for your applications, files, and servers, all of which is managed, administered, and monitored by our professional team. Disruptions can arise from data security breaches or natural disasters. However, our comprehensive backup and recovery solution combined with our TSP management ensures your business remains insulated against substantial downtime and data loss.
Specialty in Business Continuity Solutions

We go beyond routine backups, providing a completely redundant solution that guarantees a smooth recovery in any crisis situation; a testament of our proficiency in DR and business continuity.
Customizable Retention Timeline

We not only offer a flexible backup and recovery system but also give you the ability to track the entire process in real-time, tailored to fit your specific needs.
Consolidate Your Backup with Us

We provide the facility to centralize and manage all your corporate system backups and recovery. This capacity allows you to regain access to your data in just a few simple steps, subsequent to a crisis or security compromise.
Amplify Security via Data Duplication

We promote data safety by duplicating it across multiple data centers. This measure makes sure your business functions remain unhindered and backup operations are located in a secure data center.
Reduce Your Data & Business Vulnerabilities

We consistently inspect backups for failures and launch automatic repair actions, decreasing the likelihood of data loss by incorporating your backup into a thorough disciplined process for monitoring and testing, which ultimately shields all your corporate systems and data from whatever challenges you face.
Tangible Data Snapshots

We execute image-based snapshots of your data periodically to fulfill your specific RPO and RTO business objectives.
Strategize for Business Continuity

We aid you in formulating a custom business continuity plan aiming to recover your business mechanisms with minimal disruption.
Cloud-Based Data Duplication

By emphasizing data replication locally and within the cloud, we bolster your defenses against system failures, natural disasters and human errors.
Reliable Data Recovery Services

Our unwavering commitment lies in recovering your data, curbing downtime and resuming your business operations promptly.

Partner with Zephyr for Unmatched Services

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.Here at Zephyr Networks, we take immense pride in the unmatched level of backup and disaster recovery services we provide. With vast experience across various business sectors, we assist clients in anticipating potential catastrophes and navigating through them. We assure reliable disaster recovery planning for your corporation’s data and applications using top-notch data centers.

Equip your business for unforeseeable circumstances:

Natural Disasters
Regardless of the crisis, we guarantee that your backups are duplicated across multiple geographically distant data centers.
Attack from Viruses and Malware
Following an infestation by a crypto-virus, we pledge to restore your business to operational status in no time with minimal downtime.
Data Regulation Compliance
Be assured that your data and business meet the highest standards of compliance with stringent regulations. Your data will be securely protected and correctly stored.
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To learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us: 800 - 884 - 7559

Testimonials: Our Client's Perspective

"Our business experienced a catastrophic system failure that would have been disastrous had it not been for Zephyr Network's Business Continuity program. Our data was safely recovered, and we were back online operating at full capacity within hours."

"In the aftermath of a major cyber-attack, Zephyr Networks not only helped us retrieve our lost data but also implemented measures to prevent such incidents in the future. Their DRaaS solutions are top-notch."
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Zephyr Networks Information Technology Team

Cloud Solutions

Zephyr Networks was in "the cloud" long before the term existed.  We offer deep knowledge and expertise with cloud solutions from Azure and AWS; to provide cloud solutions located right here in Orange County!
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Cybersecurity isn't something you can "buy". Cybersecurity is built. Then it must be maintained with vigilance while balancing business needs against emerging threats and potential risks.
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Backup & DR

Zephyr Networks offers proven and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions and services to ensure your data, systems, and your business are always properly protected.  It provides recoverability and business continuity.
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Zephyr networks has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate your industry specific IT Compliance requirements; related to business systems, controls and processes. We can help you manage it as well!
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For over 25 years, we built our reputation by simply providing the best IT service and support to businesses like yours throughout Southern California!
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