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Managed IT Services

Award Winning Managed IT Services
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Computer and Network Support
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Managed IT Services

Zephyr is an innovative World-class managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) with a comprehensive set of products, services, and solutions available to help Clients achieve their business technology goals. Throughout our 25-year history, Zephyr has learned what it takes to be successful and has specifically tailored its services to meet and exceed Client expectations.

Technology Success Partnership (TSP) Services

Technology. Solutions. Security. Support. Success!
Award-Winning Comprehensive Managed IT Support:
IT Service and Support Combined with Cybersecurity and Risk Management and a Dedication to Service Excellence.
Your organization’s business systems can be a strategic competitive advantage, or your business systems and IT support can easily become a significant liability, or worse without careful attention, support, and leadership.

Once upon a time, IT support fell squarely into the category of “we-will-let-you-know-if-we-need-anything” for most businesses. Compare that to business today, were better than 90% of business owners agree that their IT support team is as important and even more critical to the success and operations of their businesses than even the relationships and services they receive from the organization’s law firm for legal advisory and the business’s accounting firm for financial advisory services.

Simply put, over the past two decades, the role of your business’s IT service and support team has become the single biggest strategic area of most businesses today. It’s not surprising when you consider that 20 years ago, the role of IT was centered largely around reliability and the basic need to simply keep them working and functional, or at least to try to make sure such common “system crashes” didn’t provide “too much” of an inconvenience. Contrast to today, where for the most part, our IT and business systems almost never crash and are nearly always reliable, however our use of IT systems has become far and away more complex.

The need for a better managed IT service and support relationship has never been greater!

Zephyr Networks is at the Forefront of the Industry
Zephyr Networks IT Z Team
Zephyr Networks stands at the forefront of the industry and understands your business’s computer and network service and support needs better than most.

At Zephyr, we simply call it our “Technology Success Partners" or "TSP program".

You’ll simply call it “the best decision you’ve made in a decade”.

Zephyr Networks is an award-winning Managed IT Service provider (MSP) that has built its reputation offering superior computer and network support services and Information Technology (IT) solutions to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the greater Orange County California area and throughout Southern California for over 25 years! join our comprehensive managed support partnership services, we are your ultimate choice for unmatched information technology solutions. We are equipped with a team of seasoned professionals who exemplify our commitment to service excellence.

Technology Success Partnership (TSP) Services

Looking for a better IT service and support partner?
Zephyr Networks: Your Partner in Technological Success. Get Comprehensive IT Assistance!
  • Become a Member: Become a member of our Technology Success Partner (TSP) program. It's a complete solution providing managed IT services tailored to your business and team requirements.
  • Extraordinary Support: The TSP program isn't ordinary IT support. It offers a holistic approach to meeting service expectations, following "best practices" for network administration. Encompassing IT infrastructure to cybersecurity with security awareness training, it guarantees unmatched service experience.
  • Passionate Team: The "Z Team" at Zephyr Networks comprises passionate technical and business professionals. Our TSP program aims not merely to provide technical assistance, but also a comprehensive strategy supporting your business's growth objectives.
  • Business Alignment: We desire to be more than a technology advisor; we aim to be a problem solver and a growth facilitator. The TSP program includes regular strategic business meetings and technology roadmaps with forecasts and budgeting. It's all about aligning your IT and business operations with future goals.

Next-Generation IT Service and Support Provider

At our core, we're a forward-thinking service provider. We look beyond the current trends in IT support and focus on the future. Your business’ productivity, cybersecurity and risk management are our main interests, shaping the direction of our service offerings.

Comprehensive Managed
Support Services

We do not offer just any IT services. We provide a partnership that includes award-winning IT support that sets us apart in the industry. Our primary focus is MSP and MSSP services tailored to your specific needs and considerations.

Our commitment to service excellence is not just lip service. It's the belief that drives us to go above and beyond for our client-partners. This commitment is why we were ranked among the top 501 MSPs in the world in 2023, a distinction that attests to our high level of service dedication and expertise.

Service Excellence -
Our Unique Proposition

What sets us apart from the rest? Our unwavering dedication to delivering excellent service at all times. Our goal is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them. This commitment to service excellence is our trademark, making us a unique and reliable partner in your IT journey.

Innovative Support and Education Services

Help Desk Support Services
Headquartered in Orange County, California, Zephyr Networks features a sterling and award-winning Help Desk, prepared to offer you top-notch computer and network support. Our primary focus is to impart unparalleled service experiences to you and your team. We encourage feedback so we can promptly rectify any discrepancies or shortcomings to maintain your satisfaction. We strive to exceed your service expectations and ensure your technical concerns are resolved efficiently.

Should a situation arise where remote troubleshooting proves insurmountable, trust that our Z Team will orchestrate prompt onsite support. Our goal is to address and resolve your service needs with maximum efficiency.
Pertinent Business IT Management
Our TSP program is a testament to the proven systems and methodologies we deploy to manage all your business technology requirements. This includes not just designing your network and running security audits, but also enhancing your cybersecurity with the latest tools and technologies. We ensure your network is effectively managed, maintained, and secured with improved processes and controls. We assume complete responsibility - from managing software licenses and IT assets, implementing robust security and backup systems, to confirming and maintaining your disaster recovery plans. Furthermore, we offer guidance on IT-related compliance standards required by the government or industry. This comprehensive package makes us a vital addition to your enterprise's growth plans.
Consulting with Insight
A unique aspect of our services includes offering a dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) for comprehensive technology planning. We work alongside you to optimize your network, set budgets, and assess the business implications of potential technologies. On top of this, regular technology alignment sessions allow us to review security metrics and potential stress signs, resulting in immediate data assessment and relevant adjustments in our strategy at our vCIO meetings.
Cybersecurity Guidance, Education, and Training
In the realm of cybersecurity, investing heavily in technological defenses isn't sufficient. The threat of a human-caused breach still persists. Therefore, it's crucial to lift your team's "Cyber-IQ" through consistent education and training. Our aim is to transform your staff into a "Human Firewall," primed to guard your organization against potential threats actively. Through our Technology Success Program (TSP), we facilitate comprehensive security awareness and offer training as part of your collaboration with Zephyr, considering the human component could be your cybersecurity's most susceptible point.

Ranked Among the Best in The World!

Our inclusion in the 2023’s Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings validates our ceaseless dedication to service excellence.
Channel Futures has ranked Zephyr Networks (Zephyr) , among the very best in the world (#288) in one of the industry’s most prestigious annual rankings which lists the top 501 MSPs worldwide. Channel Futures designated Zephyr as an “Elite Managed Service Provider”. This honor manifests our consistent delivery of high-quality services, adherence to stern standards, and continual progress in enhancing our service provision.

Service Experience: A Priority

Our resolve for service excellence underpins our entire operation. Managed IT support, for us, extends beyond troubleshooting—it's about creating a dependable and smooth technological environment for our clients. Their affirmative testimonials underline our meticulousness and dedication in delivering exceptional IT services. We take immense pride in not only meeting but regularly surpassing client expectations.
Renowned for Exceptional IT Assistance
We take pride in delivering comprehensive IT support services that have earned us numerous accolades. Our dedicated and highly trained professionals utilize cutting-edge tools to promptly and effectively address your IT needs, ensuring your business navigates smoothly in the evolving digital realm.
Client-Centric Service Approach
Our primary focus is our steadfast dedication to unparalleled service, a foundation of our company. We believe our role extends beyond resolving tech difficulties to creating an effortless and smooth tech journey for you. Our quality IT services manifest in our clients' affirmative feedback and testimonies, bolstering our reputation for exceeding client expectations.
Zephyr Networks Information Technology Team
Zephyr Networks Technology Success Partner (TSP) Logo

Complete Managed IT Support Services

Our wide array of Managed IT Support services are intended to optimize your IT operations, cut expenses, and mitigate risks. These bespoke solutions provide holistic support to your enterprise. Our ability to distinguish ourselves among Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) worldwide, lies within our unique emphasis on service excellence and our “client first” approach and Technology Success Partner (TSP) strategy.

Emphasis on Cybersecurity and Risk Management

In an era of escalating cyber threats, we do more than just providing IT services. With a focus on intensifying cybersecurity and anticipating potential risks, we play the role of a strategic ally. Our robust and forward-looking security tactics ensure the inviolability of our clients' confidential intel and systems.

Influencer in the IT Industry

In our mission to drive innovation, we shape IT trends. Recognized as an industry influencer, we embrace IT revolution, providing futuristic IT services designed to foster consistent success and growth for your enterprise.

Dedicated to Consultation, Education, and Training

Whilst state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems are integral, they are ineffective if users are unaware of essential precautions. The best defenses can be breached by a single careless click. Therefore, much more than investing in advanced tools, fostering 'Cyber IQ' is crucial in today's scenario. 

We work to cultivate your human firewall - instilling a strong cybersecurity culture and sound cyber-hygiene practices among your staff. As part of our Technology Success Program (TSP), we offer security education and awareness training, reinforcing the fortification of your cyber defenses from the inside out. Ultimately, we transform your team into part of the solution, rather than the problem, when it comes to ensuring cybersecurity.

Your Technology Success Partner, Zephyr Networks,
is here to deliver Comprehensive IT Support and Solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Zephyr Networks was in "the cloud" long before the term existed.  We offer deep knowledge and expertise with cloud solutions from Azure and AWS; to provide cloud solutions located right here in Orange County!
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Cybersecurity isn't something you can "buy". Cybersecurity is built. Then it must be maintained with vigilance while balancing business needs against emerging threats and potential risks.
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Backup & DR

Zephyr Networks offers proven and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions and services to ensure your data, systems, and your business are always properly protected.  It provides recoverability and business continuity.
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Zephyr networks has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate your industry specific IT Compliance requirements; related to business systems, controls and processes. We can help you manage it as well!
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Ready for a Better IT Service & Support Experience?

For over 25 years, we built our reputation by simply providing the best IT service and support to businesses like yours throughout Southern California!
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Best In Class Service and Support
Best-In-Class Service & Support
Local Help Desk Support
Best-In-Class Service & Support
Performance Driven Metrics
Performance-Driven Metrics
Cybersecurity Driven Approach
Cybersecurity-Driven Approach
Complete Managed Cybersecurity
Complete Managed Cybersecurity
Industry Compliance Expertise
Industry Compliance Expertise
Industry Thought Leadership
Industry Thought Leadership
Fast and Responsive Service
Fast & Responsive Service
Dedicated to Your Success
Dedicated To Your Success
Co-Managed Services Available
Co-Managed Services Available
Cloud Solutions Specialists
Cloud Services Specialists
Goodbye Long-Term Contracts
Goodbye Long-Term Contracts!

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