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50 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)

Choosing the right technology partner for your organization has become one of the most important decisions you can make to empower the success of your business.   These are questions for your MSP when interviewing for an IT services provider.
Below are 50 hard questions you should ask any IT service and support provider before choosing a new technology partner.

The team here at Zephyr Networks invites you to ask these questions, and any others you feel might be helpful to your decision-making process, and then give us a chance to answer the same questions. We think you will find the questions below and more importantly, the answers to be highly revealing and helpful to you and your organization.
What are your main products and services? And your primary technology vendors and partnerships?
What is your primary market? Who are your main customers?
Describe any awards and recognition you've received as a company and why?
Why do you believe that you are a good fit for our organization in particular?
How will you ensure that your services are aligned with our business goals and objectives?
How frequently do you meet with clients to review and discuss how things are going?
What does your account management and client engagement process look like?
Describe the process you use to ensure your clients are protected from cybersecurity threats and describe how cybersecurity incidents are handled.
How is patching performed? What if a device is powered off? Do you patch 3rd party applications as well
What is your approach to helping clients with IT budgeting and making technology recommendations?
How do you manage a client’s IT asset inventory and maintain a client's network documentation?
What is the process for ensuring a client's data and business systems are properly backed up?
Describe the process for support requests from start to finish. Describe your escalation procedures.
Describe the process for reporting on the status and health of your client’s network and business systems.
How do you ensure your client’s systems are keeping up with “best practices” and “standards”?
Beyond monitoring and automated processes, how do you ensure clients are not at risk?
What is your approach to technology planning and technology purchases?
How do you ensure your clients receive the best service experience possible? Please explain.
What do you feel are the biggest hurdles to a successful business relationship?
Who is the primary point of contact for your clients? and why?
How is the account/support team organized and structured? Please explain.
Do you outsource any of the standard MSP services you provide to clients?
Do you offer knowledge bases for common issues?
What is the average response time for phone support? How about after normal business hours?
What is the average response time for on-site support? How about after normal business hours?
Do you provide unlimited on-site support? How is on-site support provided and billed?
What is the preferred method for submitting service requests?
What would an ideal client onboarding process look like?
How many clients do you currently have under management?
How many endpoints does your team currently support?
What is your current average reactive hours per endpoint ratio? How do you calculate that number? What was that number 3 months ago? 6 months ago?
What is your current pro-active hours per endpoint ratio? How do you calculate that number? What was that number 3 months ago? 6 months ago?
How much focus and engagement is spent on truly proactive services each month? Please explain.
Describe how you assist clients with IT policies and procedures.
How will you ensure that a client's employees don't cause a cybersecurity breach?
What do you do to reduce the number of redundant calls from clients on same/similar issues?
What is your average client satisfaction score for the past 5 years?
How do you handle unhappy or dissatisfied feedback from your client’s employees?
What is the most important event that occurs in your business? What is the second most important? Why?
What metrics and KPIs do you use to measure your team's performance?
When does monthly billing begin for your services as a new client.
Do you charge an onboarding fee? Why?
What type of training do you offer either during onboarding or ongoing?
What is the term of the agreement you ask clients to sign?
What is the termination clause in your service agreement?
What is your average client retention rate for the past 5 years?
Can you provide a reference for someone that recently terminated your services?
Can you provide a reference for a new client who has recently completed onboarding?
How have you raised prices or changed pricing in the past 5 years? Please explain.
What is it that sets you apart, that makes you unique and different from any other MSP in the marketplace?
We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you do our best to help you make the best decision for your organization.

We invite you to ask lots of questions, and we look forward to addressing them and allowing us the opportunity to show you what makes Zephyr an award-winning and world-class MSP!
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