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Technology for Heroes and Patriots: Zephyr Gives Back

June 26, 2020

Technology for Heroes and Patriots: Zephyr Gives Back

Zephyr Networks is committed to helping their clients meet their technology needs proactively and masterfully—but they’re also committed to helping those in need. Our nation’s Veterans are all too often left unsupported after their service period ends. Some may struggle to find employment, or continue their education, or even simply find a home. Fortunately, there are people who have dedicated themselves to helping these heroes. On this Memorial Day, we’d like to highlight two of the exceptional non-profit organizations that we’ve worked with for years. Zephyr Networks is proud to participate through our "Technology for Heroes" and Patriots program.

Heroes Deserve Help

Heroes Deserve Help is a non-profit organization that donates computers and technology to Veterans in need. They work with local community colleges and veteran resource centers in Orange County and Los Angeles County, California, and provide between 500 and 1,000 computers per year on average. Almost every modern work environment or school system today requires a computer in some form, which can be a massive barrier to those without the means of acquiring one. Heroes Deserve Help is a Microsoft-registered refurbisher, which they can leverage alongside their non-profit status to get Windows 10 and Microsoft Office licenses for fractions of the standard price. These refurbished and supported computers are given away to the Veterans in need, or sold on their E-bay store (the proceeds of which are 100% redirected back into the charity). These are not computers for rent, or on a loan—these computers are refurbished and given away.

Zephyr Networks works closely with Heroes Deserve Help by promoting the charity to our clients. When one of our clients comes in with technology to be decommissioned or wiped, we offer them the chance to donate it. Every time a client upgrades their technology, we get the opportunity to wipe or destroy the hard drive and pass it along to our charity partner. We’re proud to work with and support such a great cause and great people. If you’re interested in learning more, or interested in contributing to their cause, you can learn more on their website.

Patriots and Paws

Patriots and Paws is another non-profit organization closely tied to both Zephyr Networks and Heroes Deserve Help, and receive similar assistance. Patriots and Paws currently provides Veterans, active duty soldiers, and reservists with home furnishings, but the originally also handled technology needs and pet companionship as well. They handed off the technology needs to Heroes Deserve Help, and work with local shelters to provide animal companionship to heroes in need—all free of charge. Transferring back into civilian life can be hard, but these people are here to assist.

Too many Veterans suffer from homelessness; 95% of the people Patriots and Paws help have been homeless and recently received their HUD/VASH housing vouchers, or other form of housing. At the end of a long day, coming back to an empty room of an apartment is disheartening; Patriots and Paws is driven to give back some dignity and peace into their lives. They’re open three days a week by appointment after they have submitted a list, and those in need can schedule an appointment, outline what they’re looking for, find it with ease, and get it moved.

As of January 2020, California voted to let animal shelters waive pet adoption fees for military Veterans. With 2 million Veterans in California alone, with many suffering from PTSD, there are a lot of people that can benefit from a loving animal companion. While Patriots and Paws no longer directly manages a rescue, they do provide resources and recommendations for local agencies and community partners.

Technology for Heroes and Patriots

Zephyr Networks will continue our support of the worthy charitable efforts through our Technology for Heroes and Patriots program. Our sincere gratitude to all who serve.


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