Our Solutions

Zephyr Networks Is Your Technology Success Partner, Delivering Comprehensive and Proactive Solutions.

Technology Success Partnership

Network Stability, Security, and Optimization in Concert.

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We want to be your dedicated technology partner that works with you to solve problems and encourage growth, and our Technology Success Partnership (TSP) does just that. Our TSP takes a holistic approach to both your infrastructure and your support needs to give you the best possible outcomes.

Predictive Technology Management

Our TSP aims to provide an integrative approach to managing your technology needs. From designing your network to performing network security audits, to fortifying it with our variety of cybersecurity tools, we can make sure your network is effective, safe, and functional. We will keep your software updated, your hardware upgrades on-schedule, and backup/recovery plans implemented and tested.

At the end of the day, we want to help build your infrastructure and then make it last.

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Support Services

We, of course, also help you with the day-to-day helpdesk needs. Our US-based helpdesk resource will aim to permanently solve your helpdesk issues, working towards a “silent” helpdesk. These issues could range from email access issues to account creation or management, and more. Our combination of helpdesk and on-site support allows us to rapidly address your problems and eliminate any ongoing frustrations.

Consulting, Education, and Training

It doesn’t matter how robust the cybersecurity solution is, or how stable the network is, or how accessible the digital working environment is if nobody knows how to use them properly. Our security education and awareness training are included in the TSP stack because the weakest link in your security fence might be your team.

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Strategy and Planning

Our technology consulting process involves setting up a dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and working with you to plan out your budget, optimize your network design, and discuss the business impact of the technology we’re considering together. We conduct regular technology alignment appointments, where we run through our checklists, run usage diagnostics, and review security logs and appliances for signs of stress. We then take the data from these alignment appointments and review it with the client on the same day. We address any specific item that falls outside of our standards at our quarterly vCIO meetings, where we can adapt and adjust our strategy.

Choosing Zephyr Networks as your Technology Success Partner will allow you to say goodbye to the antagonistic relationship you might have with another IT resource. Your success will be our success, and it will be incredible to see what happens when our goals are aligned as one.