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12 Reasons to Choose Zephyr Networks 
for Your Managed IT Services

There are a lot of things that make Zephyr Networks stand out from its peers. We could talk about how we have our own data center and private cloud, things most organizations outsource, which give us additional security and flexibility with our work. That’s one distinct advantage. 

We could also talk about the way we take the lessons learned from lifeguarding and sailing—the importance of strategy and managing the little things—and apply them to IT management. That’s a unique selling point, one that demonstrates proof-of-concept across multiple applications. We could also talk about how we send our help desk personnel to each of our clients once a year to maintain a higher level of personal communication as part of our high-quality services. We could also talk about our extensive internet service provider and data center experience. 

We also pride ourselves in the increased productivity of clients staff by helping provide continued technical education, quick computer systems, and reduced support incidents.
Want to know what makes us such an attractive IT partner for your business or organization?

Let's take a look at the
Top 12 Reasons You Should Choose Zephyr!


Award-Winning Managed IT Service Provider

In this year’s 2023 Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings, Channel Futures has ranked Zephyr Networks (Zephyr) among the very best in the world, designating them an “Elite Managed Service Provider”. Zephyr ranked #288 in one of the industry’s most prestigious annual rankings which lists the top 501 MSPs worldwide. The Annual MSP 501 Identifies Industry’s Best-in-Class Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) worldwide via a thorough examination of business processes, service excellence, innovation, and recurring revenue. MSPs that qualify for the list must pass a rigorous review conducted by the research team and editors of Channel Futures. Their team ranks applicants using a unique methodology that weighs operational maturity, operational efficiency, and commitment to service excellence along with innovation and financial performance as-well as long-term health and viability.


25 Years Experience

The Managed IT Services industry is still a very new industry overall. Zephyr built its reputation offering superior computer and network support services and Information Technology (IT) solutions to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the greater Orange County California area and throughout Southern California since 1996. Zephyr has been providing clients with superior IT solutions and excellent services and support for a quarter century and we're proud of the fact that great service and honest communications continues to be the hallmark of our services and company today. relatively new industry as we know it today.


Organizational & Service Maturity Level (OML & SML)

Not all MSPs are created equally, and we'd like to think that is why you are here. One of the biggest reasons our best clients choose to work with us, is our Organizational Maturity and Service Maturity level. It's not enough to simply have superior technical "know-how" and great people. Our business operations and policies, processes are mature and have been finely tuned and honed to ensure that you and your team receive the best service experience possible, and we can only achieve this goal through the application of lesson-learned and implementing proven better processes and procedures.


TruMethods, A Professional Association Dedicated to Helping MSPs Achieve Excellence

Zephyr is a "winner's Circle" member of TruMethods, a professional association dedicated to helping MSPs worldwide to raise the bar with regard to their business operations and their ability to innovate and become leaders in the industry in their respective areas.


Industry Thought Leaders

Zephyr's leadership is incredibly active in the local business community and participates in several local chambers and professional organizations. Zephyr's founders are regularly invited to speak at industry events and participate in industry advocacy and providing leadership, educational and mentorship to a variety of professional associations and business leaders throughout the greater Orange County, California area.


Cybersecurity From The Start

The computer and network support industry has gone through a lot of change and while IT-related business systems has gotten more reliable, those systems have multiplied and are increasingly complex. As a result, many Managed IT Service Providers are scrambling to skill-up and staff-up and are trying their best to ramp up their understanding of cybersecurity and what that is, how to achieve it, implement it and support it (and the myriad and ever growing and changing landscape with regard to industry specific IT government regulations and security and privacy laws.

That is simply not the case at Zephyr Networks, our leadership team got their start building and putting clients "in-the-cloud" long before that term was coined. As a result, Zephyr has found itself uniquely positioned as a leader in cybersecurity because to us, its simply who we are and what we do. At Zephyr Networks, we've been firmly in the cybersecurity business from the very start and cybersecurity is quite literally baked into everything we do. We are the MSP that other MSPs turn to when they need cybersecurity support as we've been pros that the other pros have turned to for over 25-years.


Industry Compliance & IT Assessments

It's fact, you cannot talk about cybersecurity without talking about the myriad and ever growing and changing landscape with regard to industry specific IT government regulations and security and privacy laws. Zephyr has tremendous expertise providing consulting expertise related to many Compliance Standards and Regulations that may be applicable to a client’s organization. For Clients who need to adhere to a specific compliance standard as it pertains to the management of their IT, Zephyr provides consulting and guidance towards meeting those standards. Based on the size of a client’s organization, what standard(s) need to be met, previous assessments, current policy adherence, and other factors, Zephyr can help determine the best approach to managing your compliance over the short and long term. Zephyr’s Senior Risk Advisor(s) can provide these services on a project basis. These Compliance Standards and Regulations may include HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ISO, NIST, DFARS, CMMC, FedRamp, FINRA, SEC and more.


We Are the Cloud - Orange County Online

Zephyr Networks was in "the cloud" long before the term existed. We offer deep knowledge and expertise with public cloud solutions from Azure and AWS, and we offer superior private cloud solutions based right here in Orange County, California! We know you need an IT service and support partner that knows and understands "the cloud" so that no matter where your business systems are today, we can help make sure you have the best solution for your organization's needs.


Co-Managed IT Service & Support Specialists

Once upon a time, you either had in-house IT support staff, or you had and outsourced IT support team, and those were your only choices. Even today, many MSPs require that they have complete and total control and don't like sharing the responsibility of supporting your IT systems and IT support with your existing in-house IT staff, or any such designated employees. At Zephyr Networks, we understand there isn't a one-size-fits-all service and support relationship. Zephyr is more than happy to work with your existing IT staff and personnel and we are proud to offer IT Service Plans and options to "co-manage" and support your organization's IT systems.


Real Strategic Business Partners

The client’s success is Zephyr’s success. Zephyr achieves this through a proprietary process. Zephyr becomes your complete technology partner and provides not only monitoring services and protection, but reporting, end user training, strategic planning, budget forecasting, and much more come once the businesses become partners.

At Zephyr, we deliver the results and outcomes your business requires through the consistent implementation of standards and alignment with industry best practices. Zephyr provides an executive level resource and overview to ensure that we are meeting the strategic goals of your organization on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Your Zephyr dedicated vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) will consistently measure, score and report on the state of your business systems against industry standards and create clear technology plans and roadmaps to help get your IT systems to where they need to be for success. Zephyr’s focus is on providing true value as a business partner to help business owners and management make better IT-related decisions and to improve risk management.


Results Driven Performance & Business Metrics.

The best run organizations understand the performance variables associated with and help drive their business operations and their ability to produce the best service experience possible and ensure the best IT-related results and outcomes on a consistent basis.


Bigger Isn't Always Better, Better Is Always Better

This should be common sense but it's not. Don't be fooled by the "size" of an MSP as the measure of their ability to meet and exceed your expectations. And while there are many larger MSPs than Zephyr, you will be hard pressed to find one better. Instead of investing in a high-volume sales team or growth at the sacrifice of quality. At Zephyr Networks, our guiding principle in this area of our business is quite simple, "bigger isn't always better, better is always better".

Top Managed Service Provider (MSP) Questions

It's important to vet out the MSP when choosing which to work with, but there are some top questions you can ask when selecting an IT vendor, and we've included it in our report: 

Top Questions To Ask When Selecting an MSP

The Zephyr Networks Difference

Other IT Services Companies are Reactive

Many IT services and security providers adopt a largely reactive approach to issues. Often, their software and services only come into play "too late," failing to prevent problematic occurrences. For instance, they might detect a virus once it's already infiltrated your systems and caused substantial damage. Similarly, their attempt to recover data after a breach is usually haphazard and futile. At Zephyr Networks, we believe you deserve a service that's much more impactful and timely.

Zephyr Networks is Proactive and Preventative

We think you deserve a better IT service and support relationship. At Zephyr Networks, we take a truly proactive and preventative approach. We make it our goal to make your system as robust as possible, and implemented properly with best practices cybersecurity controls and managed and monitored properly so that a disaster is less likely to impact the business in the first place, and we educate your staff to raise the cybersecurity I.Q of your entire organization. And, in the event that disaster does strike, you will know that absolutely everything that could have been done to prevent it was in fact done properly, and that you'll have the confidence to know that you can recover quickly and efficiently.

Zephyr Networks' Customer-Centric Philosophy

All of these things are things we do differently, things that set Zephyr Networks apart. But the single biggest thing that sets Zephyr apart from other providers is our philosophy. Our customer-centric and results-driven focus on you and your business’ needs and service expectations, allows us to really learn and get to know your organization in depth to ensure that we are always properly aligned with needs and expectations. Zephyr is passionate about understanding our customers’ goals and building a strategic partnership designed to succeed together for the long term.

Ready for a Better IT Service & Support Experience?

For over 25 years, we built our reputation by simply providing the best IT service and support to businesses like yours throughout Southern California!
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Best In Class Service and Support
Best-In-Class Service & Support
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Best-In-Class Service & Support
Performance Driven Metrics
Performance-Driven Metrics
Cybersecurity Driven Approach
Cybersecurity-Driven Approach
Complete Managed Cybersecurity
Complete Managed Cybersecurity
Industry Compliance Expertise
Industry Compliance Expertise
Industry Thought Leadership
Industry Thought Leadership
Fast and Responsive Service
Fast & Responsive Service
Dedicated to Your Success
Dedicated To Your Success
Co-Managed Services Available
Co-Managed Services Available
Cloud Solutions Specialists
Cloud Services Specialists
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Goodbye Long-Term Contracts!

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