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Zephyr Networks Highlights The Importance Of Mobile Technologies For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

by Marc Winger

If you have yet to figure it out by now, mobile technologies swiftly are becoming the dominant mode for both online sales and business communication. In 2014, retail sales of mobile devices shot through the roof, generating over $520 billion in revenue. From a recently published study The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Technologies Drive A Trillion-Dollar Impact, that astounding figure is correct.

 Mobile Optimization Leads To Productivity & Profits

In addition, mobile content and apps generated $530 billion in revenues globally in 2014. Overall, the study found revealed that mobile technologies generated an incredible $3.3 trillion in revenue. Although the figure is downright awe-inspiring, it makes sense when you consider that consumers worldwide value mobile technologies at 11% to 45% of their incomes. Indeed, the vast majority of people around the world are willing to give up luxuries for a year if forced to choose between luxuries and keeping their mobile phones.

Zephyr Networks appreciates such positive moments when the tide of history moves in the same direction as our business model. For several years, we have emphasized the importance of our customers integrating mobile technologies into their technology profile. At Zephyr Networks, we can manage the mobile capabilities of our clients, integrating mobile devices into their workflows and overall technological & networking possibilities. We’ve also built a workflow around mobile devices in the past.

BCG Study Of Mobile Usage With Convincing Results

mobile technologies

Mobile Technologies = Business Success

The Boston Consulting Group and Qualcomm collaborated on the extensive study of 6 countries’ adoption of mobile technologies. They have provided an extensive summary of those findings in a convincing fashion. The 6 countries examined in the study are United States, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, China and India. Representing 47% of global GDP, these 6 countries show how important mobile technologies are to business ventures across the board.

Mobile technologies are emerging as a growth engine for small to mid-sized businesses with the top 25% of adopters seeing two times revenue growth and up to eight times the number of jobs created. Small to mid-sized businesses that adopt mobile technologies to stay connected with customers and streamline operations are growing revenue twice as faster as their competitors. 82% of small to mid-sized businesses on the cutting edge of mobile adoption say that mobile technologies are giving them greater flexibility and agility in connecting with customers and generating customer loyalty.

Mobile Technologies & Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

Small to mid-sized businesses that embrace the mobile revolution are seeing up to 50% of all searches for their businesses from mobile devices. The study found that mobile adoption leaders have successfully integrated their mobile platforms with existing business applications, further strengthening customer relationships. In addition, they were able to generate greater visibility from the perspective of both production and distribution.

The experts cite a recent Jupiter Research study that explored how mobile payment solutions including Square are enabling small to mid-sized businesses to be more agile, efficient and responsive to customers’ selling strategies. Please know that the goal of Zephyr Networks is to seamlessly integrate mobile technologies into your business, making the transition to mobile optimization smooth and positive.

Zephyr Networks Supports The Mobile Revolution

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