Innovative IT Solutions that Scale with Your Business Zephyr Networks Is Your Technology Success Partner, Delivering Comprehensive and Proactive Solutions.
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Custom IT Solutions That Meet Your Unique Business Needs Zephyr Networks Partners with You to Ensure Your IT Goals Are Met.
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Protect Your Data, Improve Efficiency, Increase Security with Less Overhead Zephyr’s Private Cloud Solutions Deliver Business Continuity Improving Your Infrastructure While Ensuring Maximum Security.
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Zephyr IT Solutions

We look at your IT systems differently. We take a unique and layered approach to ensure your technology works correctly, efficiently, and reliably for many years to come. With a focus on proactive solutions, we aim to prevent problems from occurring; so you can focus on the future of your organization without any barrier to success.

The Zephyr Networks Methodology:

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    A stable business is a business prepared for the worst-case scenario; and we provide this by implementing industry-specific cutting-edge technology solutions to back up and protect your data. We focus on improving business continuity programs that drive focus and alignment to your organization’s business strategy, deliver actionable outcomes, and provide a method for ensuring long-term program engagement. This stabilization process enables our team to lay the groundwork for long-term strategic outcomes.

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    While advanced technology promotes increased productivity, it also exposes your business to risk and malicious activity. We are extremely passionate about implementing cybersecurity best practices, leveraging industry-leading next-generation hardware and software solutions. Our proprietary approach allows our expert team to assess and mitigate the risks—all without

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    We can help you leverage technology as your avenue to more predictive outcomes – with productive employees, streamlined communication, and overall workplace efficiency. Together, through collaboration and phased implementation, we will build a strategic road map that guides your organization toward achieving your annual targets.

Zephyr Technology Success Partnership

Our Technology Success Partnership (TSP) is our core solution for your business. TSP is a customized, forward-thinking program that is designed to make your business run more efficiently by applying dedicated IT support and future-focused technology strategy. The TSP program allows Zephyr Networks to provide full-spectrum, comprehensive IT solutions that have been expertly aligned with your business initiatives: including a Virtual CIO, dedicated desktop and help desk support, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and more.

Our Technology partnership includes the following:

  • IT Risk Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Desktop/Helpdesk Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Dedicated Virtual CIO
  • Plus Much More
  • Network Management

“At our 4 locations, we have never had such a smooth Technology environment before Zephyr Network’s Technology Success Program.  Rarely does our staff have any IT issues, which allows us to focus our efforts on delivering the best possible experience for our valued students.”

Richard Ruszat – Montessori Schools of Irvine, Inc.

How Zephyr Can Help Your Business

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    Cybersecurity & Physical Security Solutions

    • Security Cameras & Physical Building Security
    • EPDR & Antivirus (Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response)
    • Cybersecurity Policy Development
    • Threat Response & Recovery
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    Cloud Solutions

    • Data Center Services
    • Managed Hybrid Cloud
    • Managed Virtual Private Servers
    • Private Cloud
    • Office 365
    • Google G-Suite
    • Azure and AWS Partners
    • Cloud Security Consulting
    • Cloud Data Disaster Protection and Recovery
    • Desktop as a Service
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    Projects & Professional Services

    • Office Moves/Relocation
    • Cabling & Infrastructure
    • Server Upgrades & Migrations
    • Audio Visual Integration
    • Strategic Planning, Design & Implementation
    • Network Design & Development


Take the burden off of your existing IT team by leveraging the automation and tools we have optimized to deliver the business outcomes your business wants and needs. Our Co-managed IT system will free up existing IT personnel to focus on other business initiatives while getting better results for your users and giving your management team better insight and direction. Our unique process helps to align your goals with our goals for your business in an amazingly collaborative experience that provides a win/win solution for your business.

  • More time to analyze business/IT processes
  • Great exposure to solutions using our deeper breadth of knowledge
  • Access to platforms, tools, and systems only available through our experience and our channels
  • Keeps your business nimble, we can provide IT Personnel backup for extended absences or turnover
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Zephyr Security Services

Security has always been an important part of a business technology solution but with greater threats attacking businesses of all sizes, it’s even more important today – in 2018 alone, businesses saw a 350% rise in the number of ransomware attacks*. Our managed security as a service (SECaaS) solutions take the guesswork out of what security measures a business needs to be effectively prepared for cyber-attacks, hackers, and criminals looking to exploit or steal. Security and risk mitigation is a part of Zephyr Networks, it’s ingrained in our DNA. We enter into projects with the knowledge of how best to protect clients, recognizing security concerns, and implementing efforts to prevent attacks before they happen.

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The Cloud/Data Center Services

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    Data Center Services

    Solve CAPEX, improve productivity, secure your environment, and defend your intellectual property with our managed desktops as a server.

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    Managed Hybrid Cloud

    Infrastructure as a service: Zephyr managed OpEx model designed to be agile and secure. Future proof your IT infrastructure.

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    Managed Virtual Private Servers

    Perfect for multi-office enterprises and those that have home-based employees to securely serve solutions to customers or employees.

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    Private Cloud

    Flexible, highly secure. readily available IT resources for your business.

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    Colocation & Bandwidth:

    We provide the space, power and bandwidth for you to create and develop your business.

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    Office 365

    Easy collaboration with all the tools you need to succeed. Business class email. Office software. The perfect structure for digital transformations.

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    Google G-Suite

    Business email with intelligent tools for collaboration, productivity and security.

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    Azure and AWS Partners

    Cloud consulting Services and management to help you take advantage of the AWS Outposts.

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    Cloud Security Consulting

    Let our Cloud Concierge service help you determine the right mix of services for your business.

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    Cloud Data Disaster Protection and Recovery

    Offsite secure backup to or from our protected data centers

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    Desktop as a Service

    Our Cloud solution enabling business to deliver controlled and secure virtual desktops to almost any location or device

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    Microsoft Teams

    A part of Office 365 for unified communication and collaboration. We can help you leverage this application to its fullest

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Learn About The Cloud / Data Center Services

Navigating the Cloud – How and When to Use It

As businesses become more accustomed to remote workers and remote officers, they need to find new solutions to fit their needs. Cloud software provides the solution, allowing remote work while also facilitating collaboration and keeping technology security protocols in place. We have been successfully guiding clients through the steps of Cloud usage since 1997, and have a deep understanding of its applications in business. Our unique process revolves around digging into a business’ process and data storage needs, and determining what combination of on-premise and cloud-based computing makes the most sense. Let us help you navigate the cloud and improve your company’s tech infrastructure.

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Projects and Professional Services

Zephyr Networks is your technology partner, and our expertise extends beyond the data center, cloud computing, and managed services. We design custom built solutions to fit the needs of your unique organization, so you can go faster, operate more efficiently and scale with ease. We are dedicated to going above and beyond what is expected in efforts to help our partners achieve targets with lean and effective technology solutions.

Our professional service projects can include:

  • Cabling and infrastructure improvements or renovations
  • Office moving and transitions
  • Server upgrades/migrations
  • LAN to cloud migration
  • Conference room audio visual integrations
  • Start-up planning, design and implementation
  • Network design and development
  • Security Cameras and physical building security
  • Threat/Attack Response and Recovery
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  • A Note From Our President: Zephyr’s New Service Offering

    I’m thrilled to announce that Zephyr has a new service offering, Armament Security. Armament Security will support our clients in our new diversified, complex security environments with the appropriate security posture level. Depending on your security requirements, Zephyr Networks is offering two security levels of Armament Security- Armament Pro and Armament Premium. Read more >

  • What is Zephyr’s Cybersecurity Compliance Philosophy?

    Cybersecurity compliance is a top priority here at Zephyr Networks. We know that businesses may have strict security requirements to stay compliant. Our expert team regularly runs risk assessments, implements security policies, performs maintenance, and course corrects if any trouble arises. Though most IT professionals can manage to keep your business compliant, here at Zephyr, we have a unique approach that takes it one step further. Read more >

  • Upcoming Webinar: How To Protect Your Intellectual Property in the Cloud

    If your business is using a SAAS (software as a service) company, like Google or Microsoft for cloud storage, you need to know that they do NOT guarantee your cloud data integrity. We work hard to protect our client’s data because it is their most valuable asset, but we know not everyone is taking the same precautions. To help others recognize the importance of cloud data protection, we have developed an informative webinar to discuss ways to protect your business’s cloud data from hackers, ransomware, employee error, and disaster. Read more >

  • 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Co-Managed IT Solution

    We have found that many of our clients occupy this in-between space where they have internal IT personnel but might not have the time or experience necessary to tackle new projects in the time frame required. A Co-Managed IT approach allows us to act as a sounding board and extra support to your internal team- providing more hands and expert advice so you can accomplish and exceed your goals. Read more >

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